Maths research impact

Mathematical Sciences research impact

A positive impact beyond academia can potentially emerge from any area of mathematics and the importance of facilitating the application of our research is widely recognised in the department. This was reflected in the last research excellence framework where 92% of our impact submission was judged to be either world-leading or internationally excellent. The non-academic impact of our research is also driven by three research centres in the areas of environmental monitoring, mathematics in healthcare, and medical imaging, as well as by research groups specialising in financial mathematics, mathematical biology, and waves and materials."

Infectious diseases in British aquaculture Control of infectious diseases in British aquaculture

Infectious diseases in aquaculture

Mathematicians at Liverpool are addressing the challenge of controlling disease outbreaks within British aquaculture.

Mathematical applications in sculpture and retail Mathematical applications in sculpture and retail

Mathematical applications in sculpture and retail

What do a sculpture of a human body on a coast of the Netherlands and a virtual changing room for online clothes shopping have in common?

Computational models for better patient outcomes Computational modelling for better patient treatment outcomes

Better patient treatment outcomes

Mathematicians at Liverpool are working with vascular surgeons to recommend more personalised treatment solutions to save lives.

Postgraduate research

Postgraduate Research Opportunities

We offer a broad range of opportunities for postgraduate research in algebraic geometry, complex dynamics, theoretical physics, partial differential equations, mathematical biology, mathematics and finance and other forefront directions in modern pure and applied mathematics.