Liverpool Centre for Mathematics in Healthcare

Upcoming Events

LCMH Research Showcase and Future Directions Event 2021 - Monday 5th July, 12.15-16.35 and Tuesday 6th July, 09.50-13.00.

Events to be re-scheduled

Seminar - Mechano-Biology of the Bone Metastatic Niche: Professor Nicola Brown (University of Sheffield)

Seminar - Modelling the dynamics of pathological processes associated with Alzheimer's disease: a series of unfortunate events - Dr Christoforos Hadjichrysanthou (Imperial College, London)

Seminar - Mathematical modelling of the lung airways in health and disease: Dr Carl Whitfield (University of Manchester)

Seminar - Improved glaucoma management through continuous monitoring of intraocular pressure – a long-term challenge: Professor Ahmed Elsheikh (University of Liverpool)

Seminar - Title TBC: Professor Mark Chaplain (University of St Andrews)

Seminar - Title TBC: Professor Dinkova-Kostova (University of Dundee)

Seminar - Title TBC: Professor Helen Byrne (University of Oxford)

Recent Events

Wednesday 21st October 2020 - Seminar: Geometry and Variational Prior for Deep Learning based Image Segmentation - Dr Xiangyue Wang and Jun Liu (Beijing Normal University)

26th August 2020 - Seminar - Development of models to accelerate design of injectable devices for sustained drug delivery to the eye - Dr by Victoria Kearns (Dept of EVS, University of Liverpool)

19th August 2020 - Seminar - In Situ Forming Drug Delivery Systems for Long Acting Treatment -Dr Thomas McDonald (Dept of Physics, University of Liverpool)

27th February 2020 - Seminar - Optical Nanospectroscopy for Tissue Imaging and Early Cancer Diagnostics - Professor Antonio Cricenti (Istituo di Struttura della Materia)

18th February 2020 - Lecture - Generalized power diagrams, balanced k-means, and the representation of polycrystals: Professor Peter Gritzmann (Technische Universität, München)

13th February 2020 - Seminar - Deep learning: applications to MR imaging - Dr Jinming Duan (University of Birmingham)

5th February 2020 - Seminar - Machine learning: are we all on the same page? - Dr Ivan Olier (Liverpool John Moores University)

8th January 2020 - Seminar - From kitchen table maths homework to impacting decisions in the pharmaceutical industry: Dr Chantelle Mason (AstraZeneca)

17 December 2019 - Seminar - A Nonlocal Laplacian-Based Model for Bituminous Surfacing Crack Recovery and its MPI Implementation: Professor Carole Le-Guyader (Laboratoire de Mathématiques de l’INSA, Université de Rouen)

13 December 2019 - Seminar - Computing Quasi-conformal Folds: Di Qiu (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

11 December 2019 - Seminar - Exploring post-primary infection in Mycobacterium tuberculosis using a hybrid discrete-continuum cellular automaton model: Dr Ruth Bowness (University of St Andrews)

10 December 2019 - Seminar - On a decomposition model in computer vision: Professor Zakaria Belhachmi (Laboratoire de Mathématiques, Informatique et Applications, Université de Haute Alsace)

3rd December 2019 - Seminar - The application of ocular biomechanics to improve vision and eye care: Dr Junjie Wang (Wenzhou Medical University, China)

17th - 20th September 2019 - Seminars - Computational Geometry and Algorithms for PDEs and Point Clouds: Professor Hongkai Zhao (University of California)

9th August 2019 - Seminar - Variational models and algorithms in image science with applications: Professor Zhenkuan Pan (Qingdao University, China)

29th July - 01 August 2019 - Seminars - Optical Imaging Modalities in Remote Sensing: Professor Bob Plemmons (Wake Forest University, USA)

24th - 26th July 2019 - Seminars - Parallel Domain Decomposition Methods for PDE: Professor Xiao-Chuan Cai (University of Colorado, USA)

22nd - 23rd July 2019 - Workshop - The Fourth International Workshop on Image Processing Techniques and Applications

7th June 2019 - Seminars - Biomechanical simulation and testing of eye injury - Dr Xiaoyu Liu (Wenzhou Medical University) & Applying biomechanical engineering techniques to ocular applications - Dr FangJun Bao (Wenzhou Medical University)

18th April 2019 - Seminar - Dassault Systèmes - SIMULIA in Academia - Dr Clint Davies Taylor (Director, SIMULIA Academic Development – EMEAR)

10th - 11th April 2019 - Workshop - Achieving Impact in Healthcare: From Mathematics to Clinical Support Systems and Devices

3rd - 5th April 2019 - Early Career Researcher Conference

14th March 2019 - Seminar - 'Non-Negative and Non-Local Tensor Dictionary Learning Based Hyperspectral Image Super-Resolution' - Professor Weihong Guo (Case Western Reserve University, USA)

8th March 2019 - Seminar - 'Application of a hierarchical mixed model to longitudinal bone mineral density data with measurements at multiple sites' - Ms Rachel Tribbick (University of Lancaster)

6th March 2019 - Seminar - 'Elastic jumps on networks - towards a mathematical framework for predicting retinal haemorrhage' - Dr Peter Stewart (University of Glasgow)

4th February 2019 - Seminar - 'Tooth morphometry using quasi-conformal theory' - Professor Ronald Lui (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

30th January 2019 - Seminar - 'Multiscale mathematical problems in synthetic biology' - Dr Mohit Dalwadi (University of Oxford)

24th January 2019 - Workshop - Advances in Maths Healthcare Research

21st November 2018 - Seminar - "Load Process and Price Adjustment for Smart Grid" - Prof Junxiang Li (University of Shanghai & University of Newcastle) 

16th November 2018 - Seminar - "Simultaneous Confidence Bands in Linear Regression" - Dr Yang Han (University of Manchester) 

24th October 2018 - Seminar - "Biophysics of helices: microbots, bacteria and phage viruses" - Dr Panayiota Katsamba (University of Birmingham)

30th August 2018 - EPSRC Workshop - Liverpool-Glasgow Healthcare Modelling

19th June 2018 - Seminar "Computer Vision Challenges in Early Drug Discovery" - Dr Maciej Hermanowicz (GlaxoSmithKline)

31st May 2018 - Seminar "Analog Image Estimation and Applications in Multispectral Image Super Resolution" - Prof Weihong Guo (Case Western Reserve University, USA)

31st May 2018 - Seminar "Large displacements and varying illumination in Motion Analysis" - Professor Zakaria Belhachmi (University of Haute Alsace, France)

25th April 2018 - Seminar "Interactions between heterogeneous tumour cell populations affect growth and radiation response of prostate spheroids" - Pavitra Kannan (Oxford University)

11th April 2018 - Seminar "Recent Developments in Identifying Transmission Routes of Healthcare Associated Infections using Whole Genome Sequence Data" - Theo Kypraios (Nottingham University)

20th February 2018 - Seminar "Imaging Tumour Metabolism in the Cancer Patient" - Professor Kevin M. Brindle (University of Cambridge)

5th - 9th February 2018 - Seminar Series "Subspace Methods for Large-Scale Optimisation" - Professor Jinyun Yuan (Federal University of Parana, Brazil)

16th - 18th October 2017 - Seminar Course - "Solution Properties and Inverse Modeling in Variational Imaging" - Professor Mila Nikalova (CMLA Research Center for Applied Maths, France)

26th - 27th September 2017 - EPSRC Workshop - Further Engagement with the Healthcare Sector

25th September 2017 - Seminar "Variational Models for Motion Estimation in Videos" - Professor Joachim Weickert (Saarland University, Germany) 

17th - 18th July 2017 - EPSRC Workshop - Modelling competition between pathogens and the evolution of AMR

5th May 2017 - Seminar "Discovery Date Analytics for Large Population Studies of Brain Diseases" - Prof Paul Matthews (EPSRC Centre for Mathematics in Precision Healthcare)

24th March 2017 - Seminar “The Use of Mathematics and Computer Science in Modern Clinical Trials” - Dr Olga Kubassova (CEO of Image Analysis Group)

9th March 2017 - Seminar “A multi-scale systems pharmacology approach for anticancer chemotherapy personalisation” - Dr Annabelle Ballesta (University of Warwick) 

2nd - 3rd February 2017 - EPSRC Workshop - Elastic deformation and dynamic response of aneurysm repairs: modelling and applications

26th January 2017 - Seminar "Mathematical modelling of three dimensional cell culture and bioreactors for liver toxicity testing" - Dr Steven Webb (Liverpool John Moores University)

17th November 2016 - Seminar "Modeling, Analaysis and Simulations of Free Boundary/Moving Interface Problems" - Professor Zhilin Li (North Carolina State University)

14th September 2016 - EPSRC Workshop - Imaging and Data Integration

11th May 2016 - EPSRC Liverpool Centre Launch Event

9th March 2016 - Seminar "Phagocytosis: modelling target engulfment" - Professor David Richards (Exeter University)