Liverpool Centre for Mathematics in Healthcare

EPSRC Workshop - Elastic deformation and dynamic response of aneurysm repairs: modelling and applications - Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd February 2017



Among many exciting topics we plan to discuss modelling of dynamic and static loads on abdominal aortic aneurysms treated by endovascular sealing.

For practical purposes it is important to identify forces and mechanisms, which may lead to separation and/or migration of the Nellix endoprosthesis in vivoI Mathematical models will be discussed for a real abdominal aortic aneurysmQ based on an approach involving a system of partial differential equations and an advanced numerical scheme, that delivers valuable practical results. Eigenvalue analysis identifies vibration modes of the aneurysm (AAA) repair system, while the static analysis accounts for gravity and blood pressure, and identifies possible mechanisms which may be responsible for migration and separation of endobags within the repaired aneurysm sac. Full CT scan data is linked to an advanced three-dimensional ABAQUS code. The results provide constructive description of favourable and unfavourable conditions for endovascular sealing of AAAs.

The workshop will also include presentations on other fundamental topics of mathematical modelling of biological systems and mechanics of biological tissues. It will stimulate a fruitful interaction between medical experts, applied mathematicians and engineers.


  • Francesco Torella - RLBUHT Liverpool
  • Richard McWilliams - RLBUHT Liverpool
  • Robert Fisher - RLBUHT Liverpool
  • Alexander Movchan - LCMH Liverpool
  • Luca Argani - LCMH Liverpool

Keynote Speakers

  • Jean-Paul deVries - St Antonius Hospital, Nieuwegein (NL)
  • Peter Costandi - Endologix (USA)
  • Michael Wall - Russells Hall Hospital, Dudley Group NHS
  • Davide Bigoni - University of Trento (Italy)
  • Yibin Fu - Keele University
  • Gennady Mishuris - Aberystwyth University
  • Theodosios Papathanasiou - Brunel University London
  • Jack Spencer - LCMH Liverpool
  • Richte Schuurmann - St Antonius Hospital, Nieuwegein (NL)
  • Sara Frecentese - LCMH Liverpool


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LCMH EPSRC Workshop Programme 2-3 February 2017

Workshop Venue: Foresight Centre

Dinner Venue: Old Blind School

Workshop Photographs

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