Liverpool Centre for Mathematics in Healthcare


The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) has invested £10 million in five new research centres around the UK that will explore how mathematics and statistics can help clinicians to tackle serious health challenges such as cancer, heart disease and antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Located at universities in Liverpool, Glasgow, London, Cambridge and Exeter, researchers at the centres will develop new tools from predictive mathematical models to enable earlier diagnosis of chronic diseases such as epilepsy, and new systems to make clinical imaging more accurate and efficient.

The centres will enable mathematicians and statisticians to work closely with healthcare planners, clinicians, policy makers and industry partners across the UK to deliver high quality, multidisciplinary research that will help overcome some of the big challenges facing the NHS.

The Liverpool Centre for Mathematics in Healthcare brings together a large and multidisciplinary team of applied and pure mathematicians and statisticians together with healthcare researchers, clinicians and industrialists, collaborating with 15 HEIs and 40 NHS trusts plus other industrial partners to address several key challenges in healthcare. These include improving our understanding of the interaction of cells and tissues, essential to improve treatment strategies for cancer, developing better algorithms for improved medical image processing to allow earlier and more accurate diagnosis and developing mathematical models to develop our understanding of the emergence of antibiotic resistance.

Partners include: