Mathematical Biology

Math Biology seminar timetable

Semester 2

Details: Wed 1pm-2pm, MATH-103

31st January 2018 - Ross Kelly (LJMU), "Using thermodynamic-based in silico models to investigate cellular bioenergetic function and toxicity”

14th February 2018 - Chris Overton - Evolutionary bet-hedging in structured populations

21st February 2018 - Alex Samoletov - Generalised dynamic ensemble control

28th February 2018 - Pavitra Kannan (Oxford) (LCMH seminar)

11th April 2018 - Theodore Kypraios (Nottingham)

23rd May 2018 - Ozgur Akman (Exeter)

6th June 2018 - Etienne Farcot (Nottingham)

Semester 1

11th October 2017 -  Rachel Bearon,  ”A model of strongly-biased chemotaxis reveals the tradeoffs of different bacterial migration strategies”

25th October 2017 - Joe Leedale, “In silico framework for paracetamol toxicity identification through inclusion of novel biomarkers”

1st November 2017 - Andrew Dean

8th November 2017 - Marianne Scott , “The Persistent Random Walk model and its application to Glioblastoma cell migration”

15th November 2017 - Mirela Domijan, ”Plant circadian clock at single cell level”

22nd November - Bakthi Vasiev, “On the heterogeneity of human populations as reflected by mortality dynamics”

29th October 2017 - Karan Pattni, ” Evolutionary graph theory revisited: when is an evolutionary process equivalent to the Moran process?”

6th December 2017 - Nouf  Alghamdi , “The role of toxicity in the infection severity.“

13th December 2017 - Stanislav Mazurenko,  "Optimal control of multi-enzyme biochemical pathways"

Seminar information for our external speakers can be found on the Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Probability Seminar webpage