Mathematical Biology, AMPS

The group carries out mathematical research applied to a wide range of biological problems, including models of excitation waves in the heart, population dynamics, epidemiology, evolution, systems biology and biological fluid dynamics.

The work carried out by the Mathematical Biology group involves high-quality interdisciplinary links with the Division of Statistics and Probability, Department of Veterinary Science, Department of Computer Science, School of Biological Sciences, Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences, Department of Engineering and Proudman Oceanography Laboratory.

The group frequently attracts major research grants from EPSRC, BBSRC and DEFRA.

Main research directions:

  • Biological fluid mechanics (Bearon, Lewis)
  • Population dynamics, epidemiology and evolution theory (Bowers, Clancy, Sharkey)
  • Systems Biology (Bearon, Sharkey)
  • Waves and patterns in cardiology, populations and ontogenesis (Vasiev)

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