Primary Workshops

Maths in Art (Key Stage 1 & 2)

Maths In Art Workshop

‌This workshop investigates the work of MC Esher. Pupils produce artwork based upon tessellating squares or even hexagons.

Game Shows (Key Stage 2)

This workshop investigates the mathematics which can be obtained from some popular game shows: Countdown, Blockbusters, Deal or No Deal, and Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Fractions (Key Stage 2)

Outreach CRD

A range of activities looking at fractions. The activities are tailored to the year group. They include a trail, people maths and fractions dominoes.

Shape and Space (Key Stage 2)

This workshop explores various topics, suitable for the pupils’ age and ability level, such as: the connection between area and perimeter, estimation and measurement, circle theorems, and trigonometry and the unit circle.

Code Breaking (Upper Key Stage 2)

This workshop investigates the science of code making and code breaking. We study Caesar ciphers, Al Kindi, and frequency analysis before investigating the Dancing Men from Sherlock Holmes, and the Enigma machine.

Frogs (Upper Key Stage 2)

This workshop investigates the classic frogs problem and is aimed to introduce the pupils to the idea of a systematic approach to mathematical investigations.

Maths Improvisation (Upper Key Stage 2)

A fun look at how Maths is involved in every area of our lives. Pupils fill in slips, completing the questions ‘What is the Maths of...?’ or ‘How can Maths help me to...?’, and the presenter attempts to answer these in an informative yet humorous way. Ideal as an end-of-day session.

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