Dragon Quiz

What is the Dragon Quiz?

The Dragon Quiz is a team-relay contest that can be used for fun or for revision purposes.

The following Quizzes are available:

  • Maths in Science (suitable for Y5 and Y6)
  • Maths Journey (Y7 and Y8)
  • Dangerous Maths (Y9 and Y10)
  • GCSE revision (all specifications and tiers)
  • Maths in Context (Y12 and Y13)


How does a Dragon Quiz work?

  • The Quiz lasts for up to an hour and teams compete to answer as many questions as possible, in order, in the time allowed.
  • Correct answers earn 10 points, with teams’ scores displayed on a projected scoreboard. Teams may also opt to pass on a question, which attracts a one-point penalty, and they may not return to passed questions afterwards. At the end, in the event of a tie for the highest score, the team achieving that total first is declared the winner.
  • We can cater for up to 12 teams, with a maximum team size of 5, although 3 – 4 team members is the optimal number. A very large classroom or a hall, ideally with a data projector, is required.

Further information is available by downloading our Dragon Quiz FAQ.