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The Classroom Ideas Seminar is a place to share a specific practice or idea, with a view to enhancing provision. The main focus is on development: this could mean sharing advice with others, or soliciting advice from others. Presenters will describe the observed impact or goal regarding learning and satisfaction, leaving plenty of room for discussion.

Upcoming Seminars

2pm Thursday 21st November 2019, room MATH-211

Simon Fairfax and Ewan Russell
Space for thought – using gapped notes in undergraduate mathematics teaching
Abstract: The use of gapped or guided notes can encourage student focus in lectures and can also provide structure by helping students to organise the course material. This session will focus on the development of gapped notes at Liverpool in 2018/19 for delivery in two specific modules - a first year module on group theory and a second year module on financial mathematics. The lecturers both used PDF annotation software on a tablet in their delivery, but took different approaches to the design of gapped notes. Both approaches were greatly appreciated and commended by students in end-of-module questionnaires. In this session, participants will be encouraged to consider how they might approach the development of gapped notes for use in their own teaching.

2pm Thursday 12st December 2019, room TBA

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