Simulations software for QMFs and LITs

We have implemented two in-house software packages: QMS2 for 3D modelling of quadrupole mass filters [1-3] and LIT2 for 3D modelling of linear ion traps [4]. Both programs are based on the boundary element method (BEM) that provides very high electrostatic field accuracy even when a coarse electrode grid is used. Compared to commercial packages, our software has separate field solving program for high computational efficiency and supports much larger number of ions – 1E7 ions (QMS2) and 5E5 ions (LIT2).

Mass  peak optimisation through UV ratio for m/z 4 ions obtained using QMS2 3D program.

Mass window isolation for m/z 304 ions with 99% UV ratio in a non-scanning LIT obtained using LIT2 3D program.


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