Market Intelligence and Customer Insight

The Market Intelligence and Customer Insight (MICI) Team carries out market research and analysis across the student journey and develops evidence-based marketing and recruitment strategies for all subject areas.

The team is also responsible for the development of the University’s pricing strategy and the process of setting fees.

Our work supports the institution with market intelligence on strategic projects such as portfolio development, business development opportunities and evaluation strategy.

Two Faculty Market Insight Managers focus specifically on either HSS or HLS/Science and Engineering to support student recruitment and high level marketing strategy within each faculty. This is achieved by providing the faculties with analysis, interpretation of data and research, and evidence-based recommendations to inform their strategy and product development. We work with a network of academic and professional services colleagues to develop, implement and evaluate recruitment strategies and action plans throughout the year.

As a team we provide support to colleagues, helping them to plan, forecast and set realistic targets, identify competitors, set entry requirements and develop new programmes.


Alex Widdeson 
Head of Market Intelligence and Customer Insight
0151 794 3038

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