Sandy Gill

BA Business Economics

From: Nottingham, UK

How did you research the options open to you for University?

I knew I wanted to a degree that involved elements of business, however, I was also interested in the economic climate at that time so wanted to study that further.  I looked at varous university courses that were about two hours away from home so I could learn to live alone but also not too far away from home. 

Why did you choose to study at the University of Liverpool Management School?

I liked how the Management School itself is a community that conducts sessions for students from across the School.  When I joined initially, I heard about the plans for expansion and making communal areas for students so that interested me.  I was introduced to all of the sessions that the Management School hosts to help with employability and wanted to be a part of it.  Liverpool itself is a beautiful city filled with culture and the location of the University is within walking distance of the city centre. 

Why did you choose your course?

The fact I was able to have a mix of business and economic theories really made me choose my course.  I looked at the optional modules and found there was an array of topics I could choose from to help me gain a broader understanding of the business world. 

What skills have you developed?

I have definitely developed organisational skills, each module requires different sort of attention so organising my time and my lecture notes has been an important skill to develop.  I have also developed my skills in public speaking, I have always been confident speaking in public through school show, however doing it in university feels a lot different.  Having presentations as part of my modules has really helped me gain confidence.  ‌

How have you handled any of the challenges of University?

If anything has caused me stress I have booked a meeting with my lecturers and explained my concerns.  The worst thing you can do is handle it by yourself, you'll soon realise everyone else is tsruggling with the same things.  

How have you found the learning experience to be?

It felt like a lot to take in intially but the lecturers are very supportive and seminars are great because you get a deeper understanding of the topics and they allow you to have discussions.  Academic referencing was a challenge in the beginning as it is new and taken very seriously but again there was support.  The lecturers in the University are all very educated and knowledgeable in their area so it's great to listen to their insights on theory and how they have used it in the practical world.  

Is university different to what you expected?

I expected the independent lifestyle but I didn't think it would be so extreme.  I remember my parents dropping me off and leaving me on the first day, I was stood in my kitchen thinking "the only think I know how to make is a cheese toastie".  Over time you learn and grow with those around you.  In terms of academic I knew a lot of time would need to be spent outside of lectures revising to get a good grade.  

What are your future career goals?

I have started my own property firm and will hope to carry on doing that and building my empire.  I have always been interested in property and strategic management so that is where my expertise lies. 

What have you enjoyed most about your student experience?

The people you meet and the culture you experience.  The people you surround yourself with truly makes your student experience.  I have also loved attending events hosted by either the Management School or The Guild (student union) as you learn new skills and insights.  

What clubs and societies are you involved in?

I am course representative and faculty representative for Windening Participation.  I am also involved in a society called 'Enactus' which is known worldwide and includes a number of universities which each has several projects they work on for the community.  In second year, I was involved in a project called CTRL when we taught women in our local community coding and IT skills to boost their employability.  I have since then been part of the committee where my role is Corporate Relations Executive.  I deal with all of Enactus sponsors and Business Advisors to build and maintain relationships and I host business advisory meetings every quarter. 

What do you get up to when you are not studying?

I usually go to the gym and take up classes but also walking around campus and finding good locations to eat with friends is always fun. 

What have you enjoyed about living in Liverpool?

There's so much to do! There always seems to be an event on, not only for clubbing but also cultural festivities.  It's great for when families and partners come and visit because there is always somewhere new to explore like museum, galleries and parks.