Patrice Relf, BSc Finance with a Year in Industry

Patrice Relf

BSc Finance with a Year in Industry

From: Belfast

Top three tips for University:

1) Part-time jobs are not only good for a source of income, but they also help you to develop the skills necessary for working-life after university.

2) All of those emails you get from the school? Open them! Read them! Get involved! Not only are these sessions fun, but you may discover the career path that's right for you – you just don't know about it yet!

3) Have fun and take time for yourself; it's not all about grades.

How did you research the options open to you for University?

I was interested in doing a degree in Finance, so I used the course selection tab on my UCAS application to search which universities offered this.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Liverpool Management School?

It was important to attend university close to home, but still far enough that I had enough independence. It was about finding the right balance. Liverpool offered the best of both, with a plus being that I had already visited the city on several occasions.

Why did you choose your course?

I've always had a passion for maths, but didn't want to solely focus on one subject. I felt Finance offered a nice range of maths, economics and accountancy.

What skills have you developed?

I have developed my confidence and communication skills by attending SLCs as Course Rep, and also by putting myself forward to lead group projects. Through ULMS Extra, I have also developed my cultural and commercial awareness with workshops I attended throughout my first year.

How have you handled any of the challenges of University?

I think I have adjusted to university life well. I have been able to achieve some really great results, while holding down multiple jobs and my volunteering within the Management School.

How have you found the learning experience?

Initially I found it tough adjusting to the large classes, but the engaging content on the course made it a lot easier to focus. I feel that time management was my greatest asset when it came to learning and revising, especially now with online classes. It's important to dedicate time to your studies, but also have fun and relax when you can.

How have you found the switch to online learning and what support has the Management School provided?

As a young carer, I have probably found the switch to online learning of greater benefit than others. Without having set times to attend lectures, I am able to afford cheaper flights home and can stay for longer periods of time. With the option to also attend maths and stats clinics over zoom, the extra help is always there if I need it.

What are your future career goals?

I'm currently applying for one-year placements, as part of my 'Year in Industry'. I hope to gain further experience working within an investment bank, and hopefully land a graduate role within the organisation once I complete my degree.

What clubs and societies are you involved in?

I am the Treasurer of the Banking and Finance Society and a member of the Ladies' Gaelic Football team. I love to try new things and can't wait to get involved with more clubs once restrictions are lifted.

What have you enjoyed about living in Liverpool?

Other than the nightlife, my favourite thing about Liverpool is the people. I've met some friends for life through university and my jobs. I don't think I would have enjoyed myself half as much if I studied in a different city.

What have you enjoyed most about your student experience?

I've enjoyed all of the opportunities that have been available to me. From representing the Management School at Open Days, to mentoring incoming students, I have made sure to make the most of what our university has to offer. It's not only a great experience for me, but I hope to have made an impact on others, so that they too have an amazing time at university.