Letizia De Lia, BA Marketing

Letizia De Lia

BA Marketing

From: São Paulo, Brazil

Top three tips for University:

1) Do not compare yourself to others, we all have different goals, priorities and learn in different ways. Just do your best according to your goals.

2) Ask for help!! If it is not the assigned department at least talk to your academic advisor or a staff member you feel you could trust/ would understand.

3) Keep up to date with the weekly readings as much as you can - it makes revising at the end of term much easier.

How did you research the options open to you for University?

I already knew the universities I would like to attend in Brazil, however, I had always wanted to study abroad. The United States was my first option, however financially infeasible. That was when I directed my research towards Europe, mainly the U.K and Italy. My research was majorly based on Googling the course and clicking on each university’s website, e-mailing the departments and reading reviews and articles on Hot Courses, Student Hut and Times Higher Education. I also attended a study abroad fair in São Paulo where some U.K universities were present as well as the British Council and alumni.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Liverpool Management School?

At the end of my research I had a list of universities that offered Marketing BA degree and choosing one was a matter of analysing the modules I would enjoy the most; the fact that it was a Russel Group also weighted in.

Why did you choose your course?

Since I was 11 years old I attended a school that was heavily focused on business, meaning that from a young age I had modules such as entrepreneurship, accounting, finance, marketing, logistics, statistics and etc. Studying those for 7 years helped me discover what I liked and did not like. Therefore, studying Business Management seemed quite redundant to me and in my senior I had already decided to study Marketing, focusing on what I enjoyed the most.

What skills have you developed?

Since starting university the skills I have developed include: cultural awareness, time management, research (e.g. finding relevant articles) and critical analysis.

How have you handled any of the challenges of University?

My Academic Advisor has been extremely helpful for that, from academic challenges to career advice. He has always supported and encouraged me, furthermore he always puts me in contact with the department that will be able to give me more detailed help in my queries.

How have you found the learning experience to be?

My learning experience has been tranquil so far. Obviously you get modules you enjoy more and feel more inspired by than others, but that helps in finding out areas better tailored for future careers.

Is University different to what you expected?

Yes, it is a more relaxed environment and people are more approachable than I expected. Even though the academic requirements are high, the overall day to day is not as frantic nor extremely formal. Additionally, there are few contact hours and a lot of independent study is demanded, which is the opposite of what I thought university would be.

What are your future career goals?

I do not have my career goals exactly planned out yet, however at this moment I would like to either work as a Brand or Product Manager, especially for a FMCG company. Alternatively, Public Relations and Event Planning/Management are a recent interest of mine, especially if in an international education setting or in the entertainment industry.

What have you enjoyed most about your student experience?

I really enjoy the internationality on campus, it yields good conversations, interesting discoveries and further the opportunities for networking. Other than that, the campus setting is ideal: wide variety of study spaces, all resources and help located in close proximity and it is always nice to unexpectedly run into someone you know.

What clubs and societies are you involved in?

Currently: Marketing, Volleyball and learning French as an extracurricular module

Previously: Skii and Snowboarding, Global Connect Society, Halls Student Committee and learned Italian as an extracurricular module.

What do you get up to when you are not studying?

Hanging out with friends for movie nights, dinning out, going out in town or simply adulting (doing my laundry, grocery shopping and etc).

What have you enjoyed about living in Liverpool?

What I like the most about living in Liverpool is how small it is: everything is within walking distance, which is ideal as a student. Moreover, everyone is extremely friendly and welcoming.