Laura Muggleton, BA Business Economics with a Year in Industry

Laura Muggleton

BA Business Economics with a Year in Industry

From: Leicestershire

Top three tips for University:

1) Join a society as they are a great way to make friends. Your course society will help you to meet people and there are lots of other societies for any hobby you may have.

2) Try not to let yourself get behind on work, establish a routine and stick to it, because it will catch up with you!

3) Enjoy the city! Liverpool has so much to offer. Don’t miss out on its history and culture whilst living here.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Liverpool Management School?

I chose ULMS because of the Business Economics course which isn’t offered at many universities. It has the option for the “Business” part of your degree to be tailored towards International Business or Accounting and Finance which has allowed me to study a combination of Economics and Finance. Another reason I chose ULMS was the emphasis they put on students completing a Year in Industry which is something I’d always wanted to do. The Careers and Employability service really encourage and want to support you in securing a placement. Also, the learning facilities within the Management School, such as the study spaces and Bloomberg Suite, are great.

Why did you choose your course?

Before visiting the Univeristy of Liverpool, I thought I wanted to study Business Management. However, when I came for the open day, I got talking to a lecturer and after hearing what I enjoyed, he pointed me in the direction of Economics. That’s when I discovered Business Economics and changed my mind on what I wanted to study! This degree has allowed me combine Economics and Accounting and Finance modules throughout my degree and in my final year, have a 50/50 split. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do as a career before I chose my degree, but I felt that Business Economics could open doors for me. I have developed key skills through Economics modules and been able to study Accounting modules that qualify as exemptions for the professional qualifications. You also have the option to add a “Year in Industry” to a Business Economics degree (along with every ULMS course) which was important to me.

What skills have you developed?

Time management, analytical and problem-solving skills, ability to work in a team, leadership skills and confidence when communicating with new people. Aspects of my studies have required strong analytical capabilities and creative problems solving skills; through group assignments, I have developed team working and leadership skills; I am now more IT literate having had modules with computer classes; time management is key, particularly during exam season, and my communication skills have definitely developed since coming to university.

How have you handled the challenges of university?

I’ve not been afraid to admit when I’ve been struggling and reach out to friends, my family or the services available at the university if I have needed support. There are lots of people at the university and in ULMS itself who want to help you and make sure you have a great university experience.

How have you found the learning experience?

Very good. I have always enjoyed attending lectures and seminars on campus and then studying with friends in library. This year will be very different!

How have you found the switch to online learning and what support has the Management School provided?

The switch to online learning is quite challenging. It’s a completely new way of learning in terms of communicating with your peers and lecturers. Also, because lectures are no longer part of your timetable, successfully organising your own time is much more important. Online learning will take much greater self-discipline so you don’t fall behind.

The Management School have been supporting us through regular emails and invited us to zoom calls during Foundation Week. I have also had a zoom call with my Academic Advisor and seminars are interactive sessions over zoom. Lecturers encourage you attend their Academic hours if you need any help. There is also a “Group Study” session, within our timetables, which are student-led sessions giving us the opportunity to discuss module content or seminar work with our peers.

What clubs and societies are you involved in?

During my second year, I was the Vice President of the Economics Society which was great fun.

What have you enjoyed about living in Liverpool?

There’s no place like Liverpool, there’s so much to do here! There are so many great places to eat and go for a drink, amazing shopping, so many museums to visit, the Tate, beaches not too far away and, of course, the nightlife. A highlight of my time in Liverpool so far is the weekend they won the Champions League; the atmosphere in the city was unlike anything I have ever experienced.

What have you enjoyed most about your student experience?

Meeting new people and living in Liverpool.

How did you source your placement?

Most roles I saw were advertised on, this was my main source of finding opportunities along with CareerHub.

What do you feel has been the most rewarding element of your placement?

Reflecting on how much I’ve grown as a person over the course of the year is what is most rewarding for me. I’m a much more confident person because I’ve completed a placement year, whether this be when presenting ideas, communicating with peers/ colleagues, using IT or taking on new projects/ responsibility.

How has your placement prepared you for work after university?

It has enabled me to work out what career I would like to pursue in the future. I feel I could confidently walk into a new office environment ready to embrace new challenges using the skills and knowledge I gained on my placement year to my advantage. I also know what it’s like to work remotely and would therefore be well equipped to start a new position from home.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of taking year in industry?

Do one! I learnt so much and have come back to university this year much more confident. Persevere with the applications, it is tough at times balancing it around your studies, but you will get one if you persevere.

I would also say if an opportunity catches your eye, whether it’s because of the company’s reputation or details within job description, and you’re not sure whether to apply, do! I almost didn’t apply to my placement at the Volvo Group because I thought I wanted a “finance placement” and it was for an “assistant accountant”. Looking back, I didn’t know what I wanted to do or what a finance placement would be. I could have missed out on such a great opportunity. It’s also really important to do your research on the company and the role. Having been involved with the intern interviews at Volvo, I can say that they will ask you about this.

What are your future career goals?

I am hoping to enrol onto a Finance Graduate Scheme and train as a Chartered Accountant whilst working in industry. My Year in Industry has inspired me to go down the Accountant route.