Conor Holland, BSc Economics

Conor Holland

BSc Economics

From: Warrington, Cheshire

Top three tips for University:

1) Keep on top of your work 

2) Make the most of opportunities, that could make settling in easier. i.e. attending socials

3) Ask if you need help or assistance with anything

Why did you choose to study at the University of Liverpool Management School?

I felt ‘wanted’ from the Management School.  With other Universities I felt like I was just another candidate and that people didn't mind if I went there or not.

It isn't that far from home and is a good school that will give me a good degree for the future. Also, the University of Liverpool is a respected, Russel-Group University.

Why did you choose your course? 

I studied Economics at A-Level and found it really interesting. I chose to study BSc Economics both because I knew I had a genuine interest in it but also as I knew it would be an attractive degree for potential employers in finance.

What skills have you developed? 

I have developed skills in independent learning and self-motivation through having to do work without being told to, compared to school where someone is always watching and keeping on top of your work. At University, you are expected to sort yourself out and I have worked on this, especially in 2nd Year.

How have you handled any of the challenges of University? 

I think it is important to take time away from University when it gets too much. It's nice to go home and ground yourself every now and again. This is especially important in first year when it's quite overwhelming and a massive change.

How have you found the learning experience to be? 

It is different to school and I have found it challenging at times to motivate myself, especially when there are no deadlines/exams coming up. I have found 2nd Year significantly harder than 1st Year. However, I believe I have handled it quite well.

Is University different to what you expected?

To some extent, the academic aspect is probably what I expected but the amount of independence was probably unexpected. I think I was surprised by how much you are left to your own devices.

What are your future career goals?

I would like to be in a career that is enjoyable and is not the same thing every day. I would want to be working a sociable environment and working with people. I, also, would want to be in a leadership role where I am respected member of a team.

What have you enjoyed most about your student experience?

I have enjoyed the social aspect and meeting lots of people from different places. I have also liked the many different experiences.

What clubs and societies are you involved in?

I am Co-President of Economics Society.

What have you enjoyed about living in Liverpool?

I really enjoy Liverpool as it is a city but not ‘too big’. I would not want to live in another city in the UK as a student.