Billy Schofield

BA Business Management with a Year in Industry

From: Thailand

Top three tips for University:

1. Enjoy it, time goes very quickly
2. Grasp all the opportunities available and get involved.
3. Get a part time job - you’ll meet people and it is always nice having extra cash.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Liverpool Management School?

The University of Liverpool appealed to me as a Russell Group University and the Management School had good reviews from students, particularly regarding student support during their studies and also after graduation.  This was a big factor in my decision making. 

When I visited the Management School it had a really friendly and welcoming feel and, at the time, building work was being undertaken on the extension, which also appealed to me as a demonstration of investment in the School.  I also liked that the School is situated in the main campus, close to the city centre.

Why did you choose your course?

I chose Business Management with a Year in Industry as the course covers a wide range of topics and because this will give me a well-rounded view of Business Management.  I was keen to also undertake a Year in Industry to gain work experience and increase my network.

What skills have you developed?

My placement has allowed me to develop many skills, especially team work and organisational skills, which are vital in the workplace.  I’ve also been given the flexibility to show my creativity on various projects.

How have you handled any of the challenges of University?

Everyone experiences challenges at some time or another and I found talking to friends and course-mates very useful as many of them were having similar experiences.  The Management School also offers lots of support and guidance – you can speak with your Academic Advisor and there are also specialist support staff available to help. 

How have you found the learning experience to be?

I’ve enjoyed the learning schedule as every week is different. At first this variety was a little difficult to get used to but I soon learned how to organise my time.

How did you source your placement?

My placement is with Liverpool Football Club as a Supporters’ Club Intern and I found it via the Management School.  The School regularly emails details of placement opportunities and there is a really good Careers Hub where opportunities are also posted.

What do you feel has been the most rewarding element of your placement?

When I am not studying, most of my time is taken up with societies. I am part of the Music Society, playing in various Orchestras, Bands and Choirs throughout the week including concerts every semester. 

As well as societies and groups, students do spend a good proportion of their time socialising and getting to know new friends! There is a great social space within the Guild of Students as well as their own bar. Further afield there are great restaurants and bars in the city centre, within a 15 minute walk.

What do you feel has been the most rewarding element of the course?

I’ve really enjoyed becoming much more independent and being given responsibilities at work.  I also work with some fantastic colleagues, from whom I’m learning all the time.  I realised early on into my placement that I should grasp all the new opportunities available.   

How has your placement prepared you for work after university?

It has given me a much better idea of what working life will be like after I graduate.  I’ve developed new skills and my professional network has grown, which will be useful when I start looking for graduate jobs after my studies.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of taking year in industry?

Do it! A Year in Industry will give you a better idea of which career options you would like to pursue and you also meet lots of fantastic people.

What have you enjoyed most about your student experience?

Coming from Thailand, at first I was worried about settling in but everyone is really friendly and I’ve made lots of new friends from all over the world.

What clubs and societies are you involved in?

I’m a member of the Thai Society and also LUMFC Football. Being part of a society is a good way of meeting new people and allows you to switch off from studies temporarily.

What do you get up to when you are not studying?

I enjoy football, climbing, going to the gym, running and spending time with my friends.

What have you enjoyed about living in Liverpool?

The city is really friendly and there’s always lots going on. The nightlife is very student-friendly, with lots of restaurants and bars to choose from. I’ve also enjoyed being able to easily visit old friends located in the north.