Masters Scholarships FAQs

    Are applicants who are applying for a PGCert, PGDip, or CBA eligible to apply?

    No, these scholarships are for full Masters postgraduate programmes only. 

    Is this available for both full and part time study?

    Yes.  For part time students, the scholarship will be applied on a pro-rata basis.

    What should I put in my personal statement?

    In your personal statement, you should tell us how the programme will help you achieve your career goals and explain how you can contribute to the ULMS postgraduate student community. You should also demonstrate an excellent level of English. 

    Are students applying from Liverpool International College (LIC) eligible?

    No, students from Liverpool International College (LIC) may be eligible for the LIC Excellence Scholarship and the LIC Regional Progression Award.

    Are students applying from Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU) eligible?

    No, students from Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU) may be eligible for the XJTLU Postgraduate Scholarship.

    I am an Islands student, am I eligible for any scholarships or study awards?

    Islands students will be considered for the ULMS Future Leaders Masters Scholarship but are not eligible for the ULMS Academic or Study awards.

    I am in receipt of external sponsorship, am I eligible for these awards?

    Only self-funded applicants will be considered and those who are successful in securing funding from an external source, which covers the full cost of tuition fees, will not be eligible.  Applicants being part-funded by employers can only be considered for partial scholarships, not the full fee scholarship.

    Can the Scholarships be combined with the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme?

    If you are in receipt of a full scholarship – no. If you are in receipt of a part scholarship – yes. 

    Are applicants applying for an online MSc eligible for these awards?

    No, these scholarships are for campus-based programmes only.

    Partial scholarships/awards can be combined with the following:
    • Commonwealth Postgraduate Bursary
    • Postgraduate Progression Award
    • Vice-Chancellor’s International Attainment Scholarship
    Will I be considered for a scholarship if I apply through the Progress to Postgraduate application form?

    Yes! If your academic grades are suitable for further consideration for a scholarship, you will be contacted via e-mail after you have received your programme offer to request a CV and personal statement in order for a scholarship decision to be made. Alternatively, you can choose to apply through the Apply Yourself application form, where you can upload these documents as part of your programme application.

    If you are successful in being awarded a full scholarship then you will no longer be eligible for the ULMS Progress to Postgraduate award.

    I am a continuing University of Liverpool student, am I eligible?

    Yes! Current undergraduate University of Liverpool students are eligible for our scholarships as well as the ULMS Progress to Postgraduate award, but not the ULMS Study Awards.

    If you are successful in being awarded a full scholarship then you will no longer be eligible for any partial awards.

    If you receive a partial ULMS scholarship (i.e. the 50% regional Excellence Scholarships) then you will still be eligible for the ULMS Progress to Postgraduate Award as well as the central Postgraduate Progression Award. Please note that the 50% ULMS scholarships will be deducted from your fee after the set amounts.

    More information for progressing students can be found here: