Exclusive discount for progressing students

The Management School is offering all current University of Liverpool final year undergraduate students a special incentive to join us for postgraduate study in autumn 2022.

For all students progressing to a Management School master’s programme in autumn 2022, we are offering an additional fee discount of £1,000.

The ULMS Progress to Postgraduate award can also be combined with the University's Postgraduate Progression Award (PPA) or Postgraduate Opportunity Bursary as well as the £2,000 ULMS Attainment Award, where eligible.

For more information about eligibility, please review our frequently asked questions below.

Funding FAQs

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    Who is eligible for the ULMS Progress to Postgraduate award?

    All current University of Liverpool undergraduate students, from any discipline, who want to progress onto one of the Management School’s master's programmes beginning in autumn 2022.

    Is this available for both full and part-time study?

    Yes. For part-time students, the discount will be applied on a pro-rata basis.

    I have already graduated from a Liverpool undergraduate programme, are alumni eligible?

    No, only current final year undergraduate University of Liverpool students who are due to graduate in 2022 are eligible. Alumni are still eligible for the University's Postgraduate Progression Awards.

    Is this just for current undergraduate Management School students?

    No, anyone can apply from another undergraduate programme although some programmes may be more suitable for those progressing from particular subjects. Please visit the master's programmes page to find out more.

    Can this discount be combined with the ULMS Attainment Award?

    Yes - eligible students can combine the ULMS Postgraduate Progression Award with the ULMS Attainment Award.

    I am due to join another programme in the Management School not listed here, am I eligible for ULMS Progress to Postgraduate award?

    Only the MSc and MIM programmes starting in autumn 2022 are eligible.

    Do I need to apply separately for the discount?

    No, all eligible students will have the discount automatically applied, along with any scholarships to which they are entitled

    I am on a 2 + 2 programme with XTJLU, am I eligible for the discount?


    Are students applying from the University of Liverpool International College (UoLIC) eligible for the discount?

    No, students from the University of Liverpool International College (UoLIC) may be eligible for the UoLIC Excellence Scholarship.

    Are applicants applying for an online MSc eligible for this discount?

    No, these scholarships are for campus-based programmes only.

    Why is the Management School offering this discount?

    ULMS wishes to support University of Liverpool undergraduates completing their studies this year in moving onto postgraduate study and to enhance their career prospects.

    Will I be considered for a scholarship if I apply through the Progress to Postgraduate application form?

    Yes! If your academic grades are suitable for further consideration for a scholarship, you will be contacted via e-mail after you have received your programme offer to request a CV and personal statement in order for a scholarship decision to be made.

    Alternatively, you can choose to apply through the Apply Yourself application form, where you can upload these documents as part of your programme application.

    If you are successful in being awarded a full scholarship then you will no longer be eligible for the ULMS Progress to Postgraduate award.

    I have been awarded a partial scholarship, am I eligible for the ULMS Progress to Postgraduate award?

    Yes, if you have been successful in being awarded a partial ULMS scholarship then you will still be eligible for the progression award.

    I want to defer my programme offer until 2023, can I still get the award?

    No, this award is only available to students commencing their studies in autumn 2022.