Aditi Aryan

Aditi Aryan

MSc Business Analytics and Big Data

What is your nationality and where are you from?

I'm from the most diverse and culturally beautiful country, India. I was brought up in the capital city, New Delhi. New Delhi is the capital and metropolitan city and the melting pot of cultures. People from different parts of the country are settled here. New Delhi is known for its wide variety of street food. Probably this is the reason I'm a foodie.

What were you doing before you began master’s study?

Before my master's, I worked in Cognizant as a programmer analyst in Bangalore. So, I was already in the analytics domain and worked on various ETL and visualization tools. I worked in Cognizant for close to 4 years, and that is when I developed an interest in this field and wanted deep dive into this further. Hence, I decided to pursue a master's.

Why did you choose to study a master’s at the Management School?

I chose to pursue a master's at Management school because I liked the course structure. It was very balanced and tailor-made to meet the market demands. In addition, the course offers a variety of optional modules to choose from.

Which aspects of the master’s programme course do you think will be most beneficial to your career development?

As mentioned because of the course structure I decided to pursue my master’s from here. With four years of work experience in the analytical domain, I wanted to explore a new skill set, which of course I had not worked on like machine learning, global strategy. With time passing by the demand for machine learning is growing exponential so studying this as a part of the curriculum will help me become market and industry-ready.

Apart from the hard skills, the programme also helps students develop soft skills like teamwork, leadership, decision making, and presentation skills which are vital for one’s personality development. Assignments given are individual and group coursework which helps students work on different skills. The University organises many workshops and seminars every week for students to register and attend as per their interests. I really liked the entrepreneurship workshops as it encourages students to think out of the box and helps to create future leaders.

What have you enjoyed most about living in Liverpool?

Liverpool is a very peaceful city and student-friendly city. This city has so much to offer from beautiful parks to a soul-soothing lake and if you’re somebody, who loves to party then this place is for you. Liverpool has an amazing nightlife. What I love most about the city is that it is very safe. Needless to say, Liverpool Football Club is the biggest charm of the city for football fans with the huge stadium at Anfield. The experience of watching the match at the stadium is totally electrifying.