MSc student stories

Hear from students across the suite of master's programmes.

Pramita Pandit

Pramita Pandit: MSc Business Analytics and Big Data

"It is my privilege to be a University of Liverpool Management School postgraduate student as the School is one of an elite group of institutions worldwide to be triple-accredited, which represents the highest achievement for an educational institution."

Win Phyo Ko Win Phyo Ko

Win Phyo Ko: MSc International Business

"In Liverpool, there is something for everyone. It is safe and affordable. I think it’s the combination of all of those that made it Liverpool unique and ranked 2nd in the UK’s friendliest cities."

Ellie Haines Ellie Haines

Ellie Haines: MSc Economics

"When I was researching master's programmes, I’d always made an effort to read School’s mission statements. The inclusive, socially and environmentally responsible nature of Liverpool’s Management School really stood out to me."

Priya Ranita Crasta

Priya Ranita Crasta: Master in Management

"‌The breadth of opportunities available means it is a great setting in which to try new things and give yourself a master class in what makes you tick."

Esther Adewole

Esther Adewole: MSc Accounting and Finance

"The programme is a fine blend of practical and theoretical activities, such that you feel ready to dive into the labour market by the end of the year."

Jessica Flanagan Jessica Flanagan

Jessica Flanagan: Master in Management (intercalated with Medicine)

"The course challenged me a lot but I was well supported and received excellent teaching, even amongst the disruption of the pandemic"

Reena Nizzar Reena Nizzar

Reena Nizzar: MSc Marketing

"The Management School is diverse, hosting people from a variety of backgrounds, whilst also providing fantastic opportunities to develop on a personal level as well as academic."

Daniel Mahbub Daniel Mahbub

Daniel Mahbub: MSc Financial Technology

"The programme addresses the contemporary issues and requirements of the present world that is expected to hone both my commercial and technological awareness."

Aditi Aryan Aditi Aryan

Aditi Aryan: MSc Business Analytics and Big Data

"I really liked the entrepreneurship workshops as it encourages students to think out of the box and helps to create future leaders."

Osian McGuinness Osian McGuinness

Osian McGuinness: MSc Sports Business and Management

"ULMS prides itself on its wide range of guest lecturers each year, and these have been some of our most interesting and engaging activities on our course so far."