MSc Student Stories

Hear from students across the suite of Master's programmes.

Daniel Endersby Daniel Endersby

Daniel Endersby: MSc Business Analytics & Big Data

"I believe the modules studied will provide me with a solid foundation on which to apply the knowledge gained in many industrial fields as analysis of big data and understanding business modelling are becoming the key differentiator for businesses to succeed."

Syeda Sabreena Zaman Syeda Sabreena Zaman: MSc International Business

Syeda Sabreena Zaman: MSc International Business

"This MSc has helped me to develop the ability to think and evaluate critically which is a very important attribute to be competitive in today’s world."

Iulia Serban Iulia Serban: MSc Finance

Iulia Serban: MSc Finance

"I chose the University of Liverpool mainly because of its academic ranking and its Russell Group membership. The high quality of studies, the excellent facilities provided by the university through its modern campus, the access to employability-enhancing activities were all supporting my wish to apply."

Amy Ward

Amy Ward: MSc Marketing

"Working with different people, from different countries has been an amazing experience and continues to be."

Anam Afsar Anam Afsar

Anam Afsar: MSc International Business

"Every module is tailored to ensure you are learning relevant knowledge and developing key skills that will benefit your future career."

Henning Jaenisch Henning Jaenisch

Henning Jaenisch: Master in Management

"I received the ULMS full scholarship and am very honoured about that. It contributed greatly to my financial ability to do this master’s"

Marija Blazevic Marija Blazevic, MSc Sports Business and Management

Marija Blazevic: MSc Sports and Business Management

"I believe that’s the best thing about this city, no matter where you come from in the world, you’ll feel at home here in Liverpool."

Gilberto Parra Rodriguez Gilberto Parra Rodriguez

Gilberto Parra Rodriguez: Master in Management

"‌The Master in Management programme allowed me to reinforce critical thinking, research new trends and stay up to date on many relevant topics that affect organisations."

Nutchaya Patitus Nutchaya Patitus

Nutchaya Patitus: MSc Business Analytics and Big Data

"I enjoy Liverpool’s vibrancy and how well the city is connected to the University"

Kattia Florindez Juarez Kattia Florindez Juarez: MSc Operations and Supply Chain Management

Kattia Florindez Juarez: MSc Operations and Supply Chain Management

"I chose to study at the Management School because the modules are really interesting and related to my previous work experience"

Mary Iyere Mary Iyere

Mary Iyere: MSc Programme and Project Management

"The access to learn from and listen to the practical experiences of seasoned lecturers provides an invaluable and immeasurable benefit to my career development"

Raj Taprial Raj Taprial

Raj Taprial: MSc Sports Business and Management

"University of Liverpool Management School stood out in the modules they offered and the connections they have with industry professionals."

Michelle Mehdi Michelle Mehdi

Michelle Mehdi: MSc Finance

"The Bloomberg software being offered in the McKenzie Trading Suite is a service that will benefit every finance student, as the Bloomberg Market Concepts certification will add great value to the CV"

Isaac Fosu Isaac Fosu

Isaac Fosu: MSc Economics

"I will never forget my stay in Liverpool. The people are kind and amazing."