Photo of Dr Supriya Garikipati

Dr Supriya Garikipati PhD, Cambridge (UK)

Reader in International Development Economics


    Personal Statement

    Supriya Garikipati has a PhD in development economics from the University of Cambridge (UK), where she was the recipient of the Nehru-Cambridge and the Wrenbury Scholarships. Her key research interest is to evaluate the impact of public policy interventions on household behaviour with a focus on gender and poverty. After her PhD she joined the Applied Economics Department at Cambridge as a Research Associate before joining the Open University as a Research Consultant. She is now a Reader in International Development at the University of Liverpool Management School, where she mainly teaches development economics. She is also the co-director of India in the World Research Centre and coordinates Development Research Initiative (DRIVE) - a Multidisciplinary Knowledge Platform at the Management School. She is also the Research Impact Lead for the Management School.

    Supriya has worked extensively on impact evaluation of India’s microfinance initiatives and has evaluated the impact of other social policies like universal health insurance for the poor, pro-poor policies in the labour market, especially issues surrounding debt related vulnerabilities like debt bondage, migration and displacement. Her current projects examine the impact of public health policies (mainly menstrual and reproductive health) on women in slums. She is also interested in exploring the drivers of discriminatory behaviour and their impact on development policy – with a focus on caste and gender. The geographical focus of her research is mainly India, where she has worked closely with policy makers to shape the microfinance policy ( She has also worked in Malawi, Ethiopia and will be starting work in Kenya in 2018. She has managed several international projects with multiple funding partners like DFID, Newton Trust and the British Academy.

    Supriya’s contributions appear in a number of academic journals and she has also co-edited several special issues in high ranking development journals and contributed to significant reference books in this area. She is interested in supervising PhD candidates in areas associated with her research interests.

    Personal Distinctions

    • Invited panellist on Measuring Women’s Empowerment (Invitation to Speak, Centre for Global Development, Washington DC, USA. 2017)
    • Invited speaker for session on Microfinance and Gender (Keynote Speech, European Conference on Microfinance, University of Portsmouth, UK 2017)
    • Invited speaker for session on Microfinance and Women's Empowerment (Keynote Speech, Institute of Microfinance, Dhaka, Bangladesh 2014)
    • Outstanding Contribution to Research Impact (The University of Liverpool 2014)
    • Invited to contribute to a podcast on the Impact of Microcredit on Women Clients (Invitation to Speak, UNRISD, Geneva 2012)
    • Invitation to Speak (Invitation to Speak, CERMi - Centre for European Research in Microfinance 2011)
    • Invited speaker on The Role of Microfinance in Women's Empowerment (Invitation to Speak, British Academy and The University of Oxford 2010)

    Administrative Roles

    • Research Impact Lead for the Management School
    • Co-Director of India in the World Research Centre
    • Coordinator of DRIVE (Development Research Initiative - a Multidisciplinary Knowledge Platform in Development Studies)

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