Photo of Dr Samuel Davies

Dr Samuel Davies B.A, M.A, Dr. rer. pol.

Lecturer in Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour Work, Organisation and Management


    Personal Statement

    My research focuses on a rapidly internationalising workforce, usually in the domain of expatriate management, and examines phenomena relevant across the international career trajectory. I am interested in the difference international employees' individual traits make to their experiences, integration and outcomes while operating across various host countries. More specifically, my research examines important aspects such as expatriates' perceptions of inclusion, their embeddedness in host organisations and countries, their knowledge management roles, and vital outcomes. I examine how phenomena at different levels such as country culture, and formal policies of governments, interact with expatriates' individual level processes. My work further examines development of international sojourners' abilities, and reviews global talent management approaches of East Asian MNEs. Given my research interests, generally my work tends to be allocated at the interface of OB and (I)HRM. My work has been published in internationally recognised journals such as the International Journal of Human Resource Management.

    Prizes or Honours

    • Carolyn Dexter Award, Nominee (Academy of Management, 2020)
    • Outstanding Reviewer for Journal of Global Mobility: The Home of Expatriate Management Research (Emerald Literati Awards, 2019)
    • Carolyn Dexter Award, Finalist (Academy of Management, 2017)
    • International Management Division Best Paper in OB/OT/HR Award, Finalist (Academy of Management, 2017)
    • European Academy of Management Best Paper Award (European Academy of Management, 2017)