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Professor Phillip Ormrod B.Com; MA.; ACA

Professor Finance and Accounting


    Corporate Governance and Risk

    The research on corporate governance and risk explores the role of corporate governance in determining and controlling the risk taking behaviour of boards. Work to date investigates the governance processes, using objective and subjective variables, which influence the level of risk to which boards choose to be exposed.

    Publications include:
    “Boards of Directors and Financial Risk during the Credit Crisis” Corporate Governance: An International Review (2013) 21: 58–78. (with Terry McNulty & Chris Florackis). This paper was awarded a runners-up prize by this journal.
    “Managing Risk: Board Process Matters” European Financial Review June/July 2013 p43-46 (with Terry McNulty & Chris Florackis)
    “Corporate Governance and Risk: A Study of Board Structure and Process”, Monograph (2012), Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, Research Report 129. (with Terry McNulty & Chris Florackis)

    This research was initially supported by a grant from the professional accounting body ACCA.

    The impact of the adoption of IFRS for AIM companies

    This area of research considers the cost-benefit issues of the IFRS adoption and investigates its economic consequences for AIM listed companies. Our results suggest that only a small number of comparatively larger AIM companies have voluntarily adopted IFRSs. As the existing literature mainly covers the impact of IFRS adoption on large listed companies, the findings of this research gives better insights about extending IFRS to private companies. The findings show an association between the early adoption of IFRS and firm size and conclude that size matters in both the adoption and implications of the IFRS. This study also contributes to the debate on the implication of the new IFRS based UK GAAP for SMEs - FRS 102,

    Publications include:
    Ali, A., Akbar, S., and Ormrod. P. (2016), 'Impact of International Accounting Standards on the Profit and Equity of AIM listed Companies’, Accounting Forum, Accepted Manuscript, Forthcoming
    Ali, A., Akbar, S., Ormrod. P., and Shah, SZA. (2016), 'Impact and Implications of International Financial Reporting Standards in the UK: Evidence from the Alternative Investment Market' Australian Accounting Review, Accepted Manuscript, Forthcoming

    The economic consequences of accounting-based contracts

    This area of research investigates the impact of IFRS based accounting information within the context of the firm viewed as a nexus of contracts. It considers contract based incentives for managers to adopt favourable accounting policies and estimates.

    Publications include the following journals: Accounting and Business Research, Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation, Journal of Business Law, British Journal of Management, and Company Lawyer.

    Research Grants

    Structural and Behavioural Influences on the Risk Appetite of Boards

    ACCA UK (UK)

    March 2010 - October 2011