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Professor Pablo Munoz Roman PhD

Professor of Entrepreneurship Strategy, IB and Entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurship, society and ecology

This research stream examines and seeks to improve the overall performance, survivability and contribution of sustainability- and socially-oriented ventures. It explores alternative forms of organising and value exchange, ways of reconnecting the enterprise with nature and society and developing better (and more sustainable) ways of creating and distributing value.

Relevant papers:
2018. The double-edged sword of purpose-driven behavior in sustainable venturing. Journal of Business Venturing
2018. Sustainable Entrepreneurship Research: Taking Stock and looking ahead. Business Strategy and the Environment
2018. A Compass for Navigating Sharing Economy Business Models. California Management Review
2017. Mapping out the sharing economy: A configurational approach to sharing business modeling. Technological Forecasting and Social Change

2015. G. Dale Meyer Best Paper Award, Most Relevant Research in Social Entrepreneurship 2014. Understanding Failure and Exit in Social Entrepreneurship: A Protocol Analysis of Coping Strategies". Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research"
2018. Thomson Reuters Best Paper Award. "Social Mission as Competitive Advantage".JBR publication ULMS News

Impact & dissemination platforms: Social Investment Research; Sharing Business Model Compass

Funded projects:
2019. Business, Enterprise and Sustainable Development in Latin America. SAMS UK (PI)
2019. Regenerative Enterprise in Fragile Ecosystems. SSHRC 611-2018-0287 (Co-I)
2018. Social Impact Bonds in Chile ESRC IAA ES/M500513/1 (Co-I)
2016-2019. Climate Change Risks and Opportunities for B Corporations in Latin America. IDRC 108270-001 (PI)
2017. Economics and Management of Workplace Democracy, Employee Participation, and Emerging Organizational Models. SAMS UK (Co-I)
2016. Structure and dynamics of social entrepreneurship in Chile. Corfo 15PES-44402 (PI)

Entrepreneurship in the periphery

This research stream examines and seeks to improve the ways in which enterprises in rural and peripheral areas contribute to social and economic development and the overall wellbeing of their communities.

Relevant papers:
2019. Poverty and the varieties of entrepreneurship in the pursuit of prosperity. Journal of Business Venturing.
2019. Rural entrepreneurship in Place: An Integrated Framework Entrepreneurship & Regional Development
2018. Living on the slopes: Entrepreneurial preparedness in a context under continuous threat Entrepreneurship & Regional Development
2018. Entrepreneurship and the rest: The missing debate. Journal of Business Venturing Insights
2017. Entrepreneurship and financial inclusion through the lens of instrumental freedoms. International Small Business Journal

2019 Elsevier Atlas Award "Poverty and the varieties of entrepreneurship in the pursuit of prosperity". Link to Atlas

Funded projects:
2019 The functioning of rural entrepreneurship in place: Typology mapping and policy development (PI)
2016 Measurement and evaluation of regional entrepreneurial ecosystems. Corfo 15PES-44401 (Co-I)

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