Photo of Dr Michael Cole

Dr Michael Cole B.Sc, M.Sc, M.Phil, PhD

Senior Lecturer in Organisation and Management Work, Organisation and Management


Research Interest 1

Michael is a governance and public administration specialist whose reaserch has covered a variety of themes. Initially, he focused on quangos, which was the subect of his M.Phil thesis. In this first three research appointments and his PhD studies local government issues were the dominant interest, a theme which covered work on issues as diverse as the executive and scrutiny reforms; member allowances; the role(s) of local councillors; local elections; departmentalism; community appraisals; consultations; ward boundary changes; and history and structure. Since arriving at Liverpool he has developed a strong interest in UK devolved governance amd latterly has extended his focus towards themes with a more managerial emphasis, particularly students' unions, workplace issues and public leadership in China. In addition, at various points in his career he has also researched and published on several other themes, specificlaly the NHS, the UK Parliament, national and regional elections. the UK Civil Service and the Chinese Stock Market.

Research Collaborations

Laura McAllister


Journal article for The Political Quarterly on the 2007 elections to the National Assembly for Wales