Photo of Dr Giulia Piccillo

Dr Giulia Piccillo

Lecturer in Economics Economics


Personal Statement

Dr. Giulia Piccillo is a lecturer of Economics at the University of Liverpool Management School since June 2013. She is also affiliated to the Institute for Risk and Uncertainty, and is a CESifo junior affiliate.

Giulia got her PhD at K. U. Leuven under the supervision of Prof. De Grauwe, in July 2013. She traveled extensively and was previously working at the Catholic University of Milan and a Visiting Scholar at Maastricht University (2014), Stanford (periods between 2010 and 2013), Gent (2013-14) and Frankfurt Goethe University (2011; 2016). She also worked at the ECB as intern and consultant for varying periods of time.

In 2016 Giulia co-organized a workshop on animal spirits in empirical macroeconomics, as well as the yearly Euroframe conference.

Her research focuses on international finance, monetary economics and alternatives to rational expectations.

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