Photo of Dr Eric Leung

Dr Eric Leung BSc, PhD

Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) of Digital Business & Data Analytics Operations and Supply Chain Management


Delivery and distribution management in the e-commerce era

(1) Integration of big data, AI and machine learning tools for supporting decision-making in both strategic and operational issues in e-commerce era,
(2) Development of postponement strategy to facilitate both inbound order fulfilment process and outbound delivery and pickup operations.

The impact of digital transformation towards global supply chains

(1) Development of generic decision support tools to utilize the big data for generating meaningful decisions for digital businesses,
(2) Investigation of the trend of digital transformation in terms of how e-commerce is affecting global SCM at the operational and strategic levels.

Physical Internet developments

(1) Data-driven optimization approaches to address practical challenges in Physical Internet
(2) Application of artificial intelligence, blockchain and big data analytics in Physical Internet

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