Photo of Prof Elena Antonacopoulou

Prof Elena Antonacopoulou PhD

Professor of Organizational Behaviour Work, Organisation and Management


Research Interest 1

My main research areas are Strategic Organizational change, Organizational Learning, Dynamic Capabilities, Knowledge Management,Critical Management Education.

I approach my research as a series of conversations between three themes; learning, changing, knowing. I have remained focused on examining issues within each of these topics/themes but I also see as central to my contributions to-date my efforts to explore their interrelationships across levels of analysis (micro/meso/macro). This means that whilst I seek to explore learning, changing and knowing as basic biological processes (at a micro level) I command a strategic perspective as well. This has enabled me to maintain a rich perspective that seeks to understand organisational phenomena beyond the mainstream managerialist view of organisational life and to unearth and explain some of the dilemmas and assumptions that inform actions which often widen the gap between rhetoric and reality (i.e. theory and practice). I engage with constructivist, interpretative, phenomenological, process and practice research perspectives and seek to question basic epistemological and ontological assumptions both at the level of how academic theory articulates processes such as learning, changing and knowing, as well as, the way practitioners (managers in organisations) enact and embody them under distinctive socio-political/cultural conditions. This is reflected in the strategic orientation of my research and applications of these concepts in advancing both strategy and leadership themes.

I hold as a personal principle to show in my scholarship that what I preach I first practice. In this respect, I have addressed in my research portfolio a reflexive focus on aspects of my scholarly practices (research, teaching etc) and have attended to and steered the debate on critical aspects in management and organisation studies as a field. To this extend I have contributed to the ongoing debates on critical management education and the role of business schools and the rigour and relevance of management research. Through my leadership of relevant committees (e.g. Practice Theme Committee, AoM) I have also helped lay the foundations for a new debate on ways of accounting for the Impact of management research on management practice.

Research Group Membership
Research Grants
  • Realizing Our Impact: Reflexivity through Art-Based Methods in Restoring Trust in Management and Leadership Across the Professions
  • Situating Impact: Evaluating and Developing the Impact of a two-year Philosopher-in-Residence Programme
  • Project Management as a Dynamic Collaborative Social Practice: Collaborative Innovation Revisited
  • Immortal information and through-life knowledge management (IITKM): Strategies and tools for the emerging product-service paradigm.
  • Organisational learning and dynamic capabilities.
  • Impact is what impact does
  • AIM: Fellowship, Managerial and organisational learning across sectors.