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Dr Dale Heywood PhD, MBA

Senior Lecturer - Entrepreneurship Strategy, IB and Entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurship - as an Occupation for everyone at some point in their life

I have teaching interests related to my research interests including entrepreneuring, creativity and innovation. These have developed into an interactive teaching style where I can learn as much from students experiences as they can from my own entrepreneurial experiences.

Practical entrepreneurship education using learning-by-doing (

Entrepreneurial Finance and SME M&A growth

Finance for entrepreneurs has changed dramatically so I try to reflect those changes and teach crowd funding techniques as well as how important crypto currency development will be to the entrepreneurs of today and tomorrow. Payment technologies using NFC's are also a new twist on how entrepreneurs can or perhaps cannot get paid.

Building on this the growth in the SME mergers and acquisition sector has allowed me to introduce students to more than just start ups as a way of becoming an entrepreneur. They might prefer to buy a failing business and build it up to a more valuable venture which can and should be sold when the time is right. This helps students see themselves as potential investors too.

Sales, Selling and Negotiation ULMS839 [60 CREDIT]

Entrepreneurs need more than ever to develop sophisticated selling and negotiation skill to thrive. Student competitions and fundraising methods are also increasingly relying on persuasive sales techniques and negotiation strategies. I created a year long developmental module which is assessed by the creation of short video's to demonstrate sales improvement skills and confidence building pitching performances.

I have dispensed with traditional Dissertation production as Master level education and replaced it with the creation of a publishable standard academic article instead.

Modules for 2020-21


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