Photo of Dr Dale Heywood

Dr Dale Heywood PhD, MBA

Senior Lecturer - Entrepreneurship Strategy, IB and Entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurship Education

Entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity in small and new firms as well as in social enterprises and the public sector too.

Currently conducting longitudinal research titled: Moving from entrepreneurship theory to practical entrepreneuring: what and how we teach and its impact on student experience of entrepreneurship education.

Entrepreneurs and their Social Identity

I am developing an increasing interest in how the word 'entrepreneur' is translated and understood around the world. This stems directly from my doctoral research which challenged the established 'label' and produced typologies of entrepreneurs instead. The same typologies were found in doctoral researchers too. More recently I discovered that in the Spanish speaking world the word 'entrepreneur' has very negative connotations too.

Entrepreneurship in Uruguay for an English speaking readership

Working in partnership with colleagues at the University of the Republic of Uruguay in Montevideo I learned that there is very little scientific research published in the English language, that covers entrepreneurship in Latin America. There is barely anything about the active entrepreneurship eco-system of Uruguay. This is something I intend to contribute to as soon as possible.

Research Group Membership

Research Collaborations

Alex Mason, Prof Joe Spencer, David Gibson, Emma Robinson,

Project: MSc Sensor Technologies & Entrepreneurship
External: UoL/LJMU

Building and delivering a joint 2 year MSc degree in Sensor Technologies & Entrepreneurship to be commenced Sept 2017.

Pablo Darscht; Julietta Lopez;

Project: Enterprising Engineering students
External: Universidad de la Republic of Uruguay & Foundacion Julio Ricaldoni, UY

Funded by Foreign & Commonwealth Office in Uruguay to help develop enterprise education for Faculty of Engineering at the University of the Republic of Uruguay. Project commenced October 2015