Liverpool Health Economics


The Liverpool Health Economics group exists to promote the best possible health outcomes with available resources through the evaluation of costs and benefits of healthcare interventions. This is achieved in collaboration with local and national health services, the pharmaceutical industry, and other organisations in order to inform and support healthcare decision-making.

The group was established as a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in health economics, modelling, statistics, health services research, and systematic reviews. The multi-disciplinary nature of the group allows an appropriate mix of skills to be applied to an array of healthcare questions. The group’s status as an independent academic unit with close links to NHS policy-makers and other academic groups ensures the credibility and influence of its work, both within the academic and health service communities.

The group offer a blended learning postgraduate programme in Health Economics & Management which is designed for healthcare organisations looking to develop capacity to critically engage with the economic, financial and management challenges they face.

As the group continues to evolve and expand, its future plans include the development of a modelling platform, collaboration on the use of health economics alongside clinical trials, research into end of life care, and the continued provision of health economics support to assist with local and national priority setting, and the expansion of an educational programme to develop health economics expertise.