People and Employment


Members of this Knowledge Platform are working on a variety of research projects.  Recent examples of our work include:

  • Lisa Anderson

    • Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), action learning set facilitation for the Profession for the Future project (2015-16).
    • University of Liverpool Growth Catalyst programme for small business development (ERDF funded): Action learning set adviser (2014-2015).
    • CETL Fellowship (UoL Medical School) for developing professional practice in medical and management education; a comparative study. (2010).
    • Evaluation of the British Council’s ‘Professional Award’ for Education UK staff. Subsequently developed the British Council’s online Professional Award for Education UK staff and ‘Brand Behaviours’ workshop delivered in numerous locations worldwide. (2005-2012)
  • Elena Antonacopoulou

    • ResPublica Think Tank Research collaboration: In Professions We Trust
    • GNOSIS2020 International Interdisciplinary Network Research:  Reflexivity Through Art-Based Methods in Rethinking Management and Leadership Across the Professions.
    • ULMS Research Theme Network Research: Professions and Professionalism.
  • Sara Nadin

    • The relevance and role of HRM in the context of Small Businesses & Entrepreneurship.
    • Psychological contract; Gender issues; Research methodology and epistemology


  • Laura Radcliffe

    • Laura Radcliffe “The (Re) Transition to Parenthood: Exploring Role Transitions, Parenthood and Employment” (in progress).
    • Laura Radcliffe, Catherine Cassell, & Fatima Malik “Exploring the Daily Experiences of Employed Single Parents: Perspectives, Challenges and Support” (in progress). 
    • Catherine Cassell, Laura Radcliffe, & Fatima Malik. “Using Photographs to Uncover Work-Life Experiences from Diverse Perspectives” (in progress).
  • Huadong Yang

    • Huadong Yang “A pilot study of cultural diversity and conflicts on team effectiveness” sponsored by the Pump Priming Scheme of the University of Liverpool Management School.  (in progress).
    • Huadong Yang & Jennifer Johnson “Empower employee informal learning: An interaction between management support and self-identity” sponsored by the University Forum for Human Resource Development. (2015-16 in progress).
    • Huadong Yang & Karin Sanders. “Understanding teacher professional development through the lens of psychology”. A four-year PhD project sponsored by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) (2009-2013 Completed).