News and events

The People and Employment cluster members meet regularly to keep the ideas and collaborations flowing. Below are some of our recent events:

December 2018

Methods workshop on Longitudinal Modelling by Dr Timothy Bednall, a visiting scholar from Swinburne University, Australia.

October 2018

Methods workshop on Multilevel Modelling by Dr Timothy Bednall, a visiting scholar from Swinburne University, Australia. 

September 2018

Research workshop on HR process and implementation organised by Dr Huadong Yang. The workshop included a presentation by Professor Karin Sanders from UNSW Sidney, Australia, on HR process approach. Dr Timothy Bednall a visiting scholar from Swinburne University, Australia spoke about HR strength measurement, while Budy Purnawanto and Dr Huadong Yang ULMS discussed HR implementation. 

June 2018

Meeting the Editor session organised by Dr Pascale Daher with Professor Sharon Clarke from The University of Manchester and Editor-in-chief of the Journal of Organisational and Occupation Psychology. Professor Clarke discussed the main challenges related to publishing management, OB and HRM research, addressing questions and issues raised from participants. 

May 2018

Dr Ali Rostron conducted a research workshop on the theme of identity. This interactive workshop, titled 'Meeting ourselves: conversations and collaborations through identity', aimed to discuss the diverse perspectives within identity research, to enhance reflection on complementary approaches to identity, and to open fruitful dialogues between members across different approaches, paradigms and methodologies.