International Business

The International Business research cluster brings together scholars from the Management School who are working in various fields linked to International Business and International Management. This cluster has a broadly defined mission to promote interdisciplinary research leadership in the business and academic communities on relevant issues. It bridges a range of different academic disciplines, including international business, strategy, economics, innovation, marketing, entrepreneurship and business history and provides a cross and inter-disciplinary approach to investigate major issues in the globalization process. 

This cluster encourages collaboration on multi-disciplinary research projects capable of improving knowledge about the globalization process with a view to contributing to the development of theory and enhancing the body of empirical evidence on major topics and issues. A focus of the work is to collaborate and have an impact on the work of a wide range of users of research output in international business, helping them develop strategies, policies and practices that enhance their effectiveness.

The cluster is involved in a range of research outputs, including, but not limited to - the management of multinational corporations, the management of international innovation activities, the strategic management of intellectual property in international business transactions, cross-cultural management, and international business and international management issues connected to the rise of emerging economies.