About the Centre for Port and Maritime History 

As one of the world’s great ports Liverpool is an apt host for the Centre for Port and Maritime History. The Centre, a collaborative venture between The University of Liverpool, Liverpool John Moores University, and Merseyside Maritime Museum, exists to further and facilitate historical research on port cities and their relationship to maritime endeavour and enterprise.

The Centre, launched in 1996, builds on two Liverpool-based traditions. The School of History at The University of Liverpool has long been a respected centre for research and teaching in maritime history, particularly through the work of Francis Hyde, Peter Davies and Sheila Mariner. Equally, curatorial staff at the Museum have established a strong record of research in the field, and of making their collections accessible to the scholarly community. The Centre is intended as an enabling forum, offering a focus for existing activity and a vehicle for launching new initiatives.

The Centre organizes research seminar and lecture series and frequent conferences. Individual members conduct personal research projects but the Centre also acts a focal point through which resources can be marshalled to launch and perhaps larger projects.