Research projects

Dr Alan Southern is currently undertaking an ISBE RAKE (Research and Knowledge Exchange) fund award for research into enterprise in low income neighbourhoods. The research titled ‘Any place for business?’ is a qualitative study building on previous work undertaken by the academics, and is to be focused on young people in Bradford and Liverpool. 

Prof. Frank McDonald and Dr. Nick Papageorgiadis  are currently working on a project that submitted evidence to the House of Lords Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Select Committee on SMEs and Exporting.

Prof. Frank McDonald and Dr. Nick Papageorgiadis  are also working on issues connected to intellectual property protection and internationalization by SMEs.

These are examples of projects associated with staff in the KP:

  1. Dilani Jayawarna is undertaking a project funded by ISBE/ESRC which is examining the bootstrapping strategies of social enterprises.
  2. Hossam Ismail has undertaken a number of projects examining lean manufacturing practices and agility in small firms.
  3. Abdul Mohamed has recently completed a study of Venture Capital funding in the UK 

The UKTI Final Report can be found here UKTIfinalreport25112010