PhD Opportunities

Our Knowledge Platform membership is highly diverse and includes scholars from a wide-range of disciplinary areas including: economics, engineering, finance, geography, history, organization studies and politics and philosophy. Within this multi-disciplinary team, there is a collective interest among colleagues in the areas of entrepreneurship, innovation, learning, enterprise development and place.  Current and recently qualified research students in this area have covered topics such as the networked enterprise, the enterprise base in the Liverpool city-region, the knowledge economy, social enterprises, entrepreneurial education

Colleagues in the Knowledge Platform publish widely in the field and in journals such as International Small Business Journal, Business History, Environmental and Planning C, Entrepreneurship and Regional Development, organisation studies to produce and communicate research at the highest level. A number of research grants have been held including prestigious ESRC projects and collaboration with international scholars and centres of excellence is a key priority.

Those who would like to pursue an entrepreneurship and small business related research degree (MRes, MPhil to PhD) in the Management School please explore the broad interests of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group from this page where you may view the work of potential supervisors. The interdisciplinary nature of the team offers students an opportunity for joint supervision and brings with it a wide range of development opportunities.

Regular engagement with business and business community through outreach activity informs and enriches their research and facilitates knowledge exchange (e.g. see activities undertaken by the AGILITY centre to support SMEs). The breadth of research covers a number of distinctive contexts including, but not limited to, microbusinesses and SMEs, family businesses, enterprise in disadvantage communities and social enterprises.

For further information on how to apply for a research degree or enquiries about the research undertaken in the Entre‌preneurship and Innovation Group please contact ulmsresearch –

Current PhDs supervised by KP members  

Prof. Frank McDonald

  •  “The role of a network facilitator in enhancing SMEs innovativeness within high-technology industrial clusters” ( Viatcheslav DMITRIEV – ESC Rennes School of Business)
  •  “The role of managerial cognition in Business Model Innovation in SMEs”Christine Béatrix-Barbier – ESC Rennes School of Business).

Dr. Dilani Jayawarna and Prof. Ossie Jones

  • "Understanding Family Entrepreneurial Teams: Stewardship Theory Perspective" (Carolina  Zyanya  Hernández Sabater - University of Liverpool Management School)

Prof. Ossie Jones

  • Social Business Models: Effectuation in Action (Lamia Emam - University of Liverpool Management School

Prof. Ossie Jones and Dr. Benito Giordano

  • Title to be confirmed (Samuel Horner- University of Liverpool Management School)

Dr. Dilani Jayawarna and Prof. Tom Cannon

  • Identifying 'High Performing' Entrepreneurial Oriented Microenterprises - An Empirical Framework (Druba Lahiri, University of Liverpool Management School)

Dr. Dilani Jayawarna  and Dr. Dale Heywood

  • Title to be confirmed (Chen Chen, University of Liverpool Management School)

Dr. Nick Papageorgiadis

“Entrepreneurship and innovation systems in developing countries: a case study of the Nigerian film industry” (Mr. Habib Nuhu. 3rd year)

Dr. Nick Papageorgiadis

“The role of patent protection and enforcement on knowledge spillovers” (Ms. Danai Christopoulou. 2nd year. PhD thesis title)

Dr. Benito Giordana and Prof. Ossie Jones

"Public policy, innovation ecosystems and local economic development: exploring Industry-Academia collaboration in the Liverpool city-region" (Mr. Sam Horner - Awarded NWDTC case studentship to complete)