Our work

There are a number of objectives associated with the Knowledge Platform including publication in leading journals and attracting research funding. Essentially, we want to promote high quality research which is of interest to other scholars, policy-makers and practitioners. Membership is highly diverse and includes scholars from a wide-range of disciplinary areas: economics, engineering, finance, history, organization studies and politics/philosophy. 

Recent publications include:

Giordano, B,  Kizos, T and Spilanis I (forthcoming) The effectiveness of European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) projects in Greece: views from planners, management staff and beneficiaries, European Urban and Regional Studies

Giordano, B,  Armstrong, H and Macleod, C (forthcoming) The durability of European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) partnership and governance structures: a case study of the Scottish Highlands and Islands, Environment and Planning C, Government and Policy


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