Centre for Entrepreneurship

Doctoral researchers and affiliate members

The Centre for Entrepreneurship has a number of doctoral researchers working on a variety of topics across the spectrum of entrepreneurialism, as you can see:

  • Luqman Abdurrahman - 'Indigenous Entrepreneurship and Social Investment'
  • Muntasir Alam - 'Individual and Household Life Course Explanation to Entrepreneurial Exit'
  • Mary Joy Baloyo - 'How are privileges and disadvantages that arise from intersecting social positions of gender, race and class status, experienced by the entrepreneurial household?'
  • Davide D'Aleo - 'How does international arbitration affect the institutional environment of countries and, subsequently, how can it influence the risk perception of certain markets, affecting international joint venture strategies, FDI and FDI policy-making, and firm performance.'
  • Thomas Davis - 'Using history in a (twice) entrepreneurial space'
  • Roland Daw - 'How does the formation of the organisation’s sustainability strategy create the character of sustainability as it is actually implemented?'
  • Alex Emberton - 'Technology Adoption in Large Organisations'
  • Josephine Gaza - 'Understanding the role and implication of social media networking for entrepreneurship'
  • Carl Hughes - 'How the Fourth Industrial Revolution will affect the relationship and balance of power between capital and labour'
  • Ling Li - 'Indigenous Worldview and Entrepreneurship'
  • Michael McQueen - 'How can the integration of smart systems and IoT devices be used to drive decision making, service delivery and social well-being'
  • Katie Neary - 'Doing innovation in the NHS: exploring the role and capturing the impact of the Innovation Hub at Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Hospital'
  • Lee Wainwright - 'Entrepreneurialism as emancipatory pathways for at-risk groups'
  • Abigail Grant-Williams - 'Towards a conceptualisation of Philanthrocapitalism in the context of youth entrepreneurship in low-income communities'

PhD Entrepreneurship Academy, May 2019

In May 2019, the Centre hosted hosted the PhD Entrepreneurship Academy. 

Intended for PhD students and early researchers who want to get a deep understanding of entrepreneurship as field, classic and modern theories of entrepreneurship, innovative research methods, conceptual modelling and theorising and how to publish in entrepreneurship journals and embed impact early on into their PhD projects. This two day event gathers every year with between 20 and 25 promising PhD students and senior researchers championing ground-breaking, impactful research on entrepreneurship across multiple sub-domains.

This video shows the positive outcomes identified by delegates and facilitators during the two day PhD Academy:

Research visits

Maxim Vlasov, Umea School of Business, Sweden: Eco-entrepreneurship

Suwen Chen, University of Edinburgh, UK: Impact Investing

Rodrigo Frias, Chile's Economic Development Agency: Entrepreneurship Policy