Select Research Projects by Members

The research carried out by the members of DRIVE reflects the breadth and depth of the Development Studies subject area. Our members are interested in areas such as: commodity prices (including peak oil); gender; health initiatives in poor countries; intra-household decision making in poor households; microcredit; rural livelihoods and sustainable development. Here are some examples of research projects by members in 2012-13.

Dr Supriya Garikipati

  • Increasing 'Unfreedom' of India's Female Agricultural Labour: The Role of the Household

Prof Richard Gillespie

  • The Dynamics of Nationalist Evolution in Contemporary Spain

Dr Gianluigi Giorgioni

  • Liquidity and Economic Growth in the UK

Dr Alan Haycox

  • Induction of labour in pre-eclamptic women: a randomised trial comparing balloon catheter with oral misoprostol.
  • Economic Evaluation of Public Health Interventions in Wirral
  • To develop and implement health needs assessment and predictive modelling using statistical and epidemiological methodologies in conjunction with existing HEU staff.

Dr Rory Miller

  • The growth of consumer markets and foreign business in Latin America: British firms in Argentina and Brazil, 1930 - 1960.
  • The Evolution of British Economic Interests in Latin America since 1914.

Dr Peter North

  • Building the Low Carbon Economy on Merseyside: Follow on funding
  • The Centre for Global Eco-Innovation
  • The Solidarity Economy North and South: Energy, Livelihood and the Transition to a Low-Carbon Society

Dr Esther Richards

  • IntHEC – increasing equity, integration and effectiveness of reproductive health services for adolescents in Niger and Tanzania
  • INPAC – improving post-abortion family planning in China
  • Cordaid-funded project in collaboration with MRC/UVRI Uganda Research Unit on AIDS – exploring structural aspects of HIV-affected older people and children in Uganda

Prof Jude Robinson

  • The Quality of Habilitation Training (Mobility and Independent Living Skills) for Blind and Partially Sighted Children and Young People in UK
  • Confronting cigarette packaging: A comparative study of ethics and effects of fear-based warning labels

Dr Alan Southern

  • Cultural sustainability? Liverpool 2008: the theory and practice of cultural policy
  • An organizational knowledge deficit in regeneration planning and client engagement.
  • Challenges to local economic development in an era of climate change and peak oil

Prof John Taylor

  • Leading Epistomological Turmoil: Creating environments within which interdisciplinary activity can succeed

Prof Andrew Weeks

  • To develop and test a new device to prevent maternal deaths: The `Postpartum Haemorrhage Butterfly Shelf'. In human phase one studies