Members and their Research Interests

Dr Claes Belfrage 
Financialisation and aestheticisation within European political economy

Prof Gary Cook 
Industrial clusters with a focus on the broadcasting and financial services

Dr Supriya Garikipati 
Gender and poverty with focus on microfinance, women's work & empowerment

Prof Richard Gillespie 
European responses to political change in North Africa (Catalonia and Basque)

Dr Gianluigi Giorgioni 
FDI and economic growth in the context of developing and emerging countries

Dr Alan Haycox 
Health Economics with a focus on financing and insurance

Prof David Hojman 
Latin American Studies with specialisation in Chilean wine industry

Dr Kate Jehan 
Maternal health care, child health and nutrition, tropical disease

Dr Jennifer Johns 
Network approaches to development with a focus on production networks

Dr Jennifer Lee 
Economic history of foraging rights and access to property rights

Dr Rory Miller 
Business History in Latin American, especially Peru, Bolivia and Argentina

Dr Shalini Mitra 
Informality, financial development and macroeconomic volatility

Dr Sarah Mosedale 
Health inequalities and their social determinants with a focus on gender 

Dr Peter North 
Social movements developing alternatives to capitalism and for localisation

Dr Stephan Pfaffenzeller 
International Trade and development with a focus on commodities prices

Dr Esther Richards 
Gender, equity and international health with a focus on reproductive health

Prof Jude Robinson 
Young people and the health impact of addictive habits (smoking and alcohol)

Dr Yevgeniya Shevtsova 
Economic development in transition economies with a focus on Ukraine

Dr Alan Southern 
New and sustainable enterprise in areas of deprivation and social exclusion

Mr Simon Snowden 
Impact of technology on business, corporate agility and dynamic capabilities

Prof John Taylor 
Leadership, strategy, innovation and quality management in higher education

Dr Urmila Jha Thakur 
Environmental impact assessment, environmental governance, health impact

Prof Andrew Weeks 
Reproductive health in low resource setting with a focus on Uganda and India