Development Talk: Prof. Kunal Sen, University of Manchester

12-3pm | 21st February 2018 | Seminar Room 6, Third Floor, Management School

"What Motivates Politicians? Evidence from a Lab in the Field Experiment in India"

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Past Events

Wednesday Lunch Time Speaker Series

1pm - 2.30pm | | Brodie Towers, Seminar Rooms 3/4

10th February

Dr Ivica Petrikova, University College London

The Short- And Long-Term Effects Of Development Projects: Evidence From Ethiopia

17th February

Dr Eamonn Mc Connon, Dublin City University

Security For All, Development For Some? The Incorporation Of Security In UK's Development Policy

24th February

Dr Flavio Comim, University of Cambridge

The Post-2015 Global Development Agenda: A Latin American Perspective

2nd March

Dr Suman Seth, University of Leeds

Identifying The Poorest People And Groups: Strategies Using The Global Multidimensional Poverty Index

9th March

Prof Darrel Moellendorf, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt 

The Challenge of Dangerous Climate Change: Values, Poverty, and Policy

16th March

Dr Daniel Pope, Department of Public Health and Policy

The Global Challenge of Household Air Pollution

Development Finance: Issues and Challenges.

| Friday 3rd July 2015. | Seminar Room 11, Rendall Building

One Day Research Workshop at the University of Liverpool Management School (ULMS) organised by Development Research Initiative (DRIVE), a network of researchers and teachers in development studies at the University of Liverpool.

Development finance, arguably, is one of the most intensely researched, yet one of the most debated areas in development research. It covers a very broad range of topics from overseas development assistance, access to international financial markets, foreign direct investment, the role of banks and stock markets, as well as microcredit, remittance flows and internal sources such as trade credit.

The focus of this workshop is to examine the issues and challenges faced by developing countries when financing their own economic development. The workshop will draw from the research expertise of members of DRIVE and external speakers.

Among the confirmed speakers are: Dr. Rashmi Arora (Bradford); Professor James Copestake (Bath); Dr. Ralitza Dimova (Manchester); Dr. Supriya Garikipati (ULMS), Professor Paul Mosley (Sheffield) and Dr. Stephen Spratt (IDS).

For enquiries please contact:

Dr. Gianluigi Giorgioni (

Event Programme

9.30 -10.00    Registration (tea and coffee) 

10.00 -10.40   James Copestake (Bath) “Towards a plural history of microfinance”

10.40 - 11.20  Supriya Garikipati (ULMS) “From ‘Financial Inclusion’ to ‘Empowerment’: The Women Who Make It” 

11.20 - 11.40  (tea and coffee break)

11.40 - 12.20  Rashmi Arora (Bradford) “ Global financial crisis and the developing  countries”

12.20 - 1.00   Stephen Spratt (IDS) “Financial regulation in low income countries”

1.00 - 2.00    Lunch

2.00 - 2.40    Ralitza Dimova (Manchester) “Remittances and child labour”

2.40 - 3.20    Paul Mosley (Sheffield) “Aid effectiveness and tax policy”

3.20 - 3.40    (tea and coffee break)

3.40 - 4.20    Gianluigi Giorgioni (ULMS) “Empirical assessment of the finance-growth nexus in frontier markets”

Commodity Markets and the Developing Countries: One Day Workshop at the University of Liverpool

| Friday 11 July 2014 |

The Development Research Initiative (DRIVE) at the University of Liverpool will hold a one day workshop on Commodity Markets and the Developing Countries on Friday 11 July 2014. The workshop will address a number of topics surrounding the rapidly evolving roles of commodity exports, demand pressures on the existing commodity supply and associated international price movements. Commodity export specialisations, once generally held to trap developing countries in poverty, have become part of a more complex and multi-facetted market process with ambiguous implications for commodity exporters and importing economies. This workshop will approach this topic from a number of diverse angles.

For enquiries please contact: Stephan Pfaffenzeller (, University of Liverpool Management School, L69 7ZH.

Development Studies Seminar Series (2013-14)

(Talks are free and open to all)

1pm | | Cypress Building, Lecture Theatre 209

February 19th    Dr David Cuberes (University of Sheffield).  "Gender Inequality and Economic  Growth: A Critical Review and a New Methodology"      

February 26th    Dr Catherine Locke (University of East Anglia). "Young Zambians ‘Waiting’ for Opportunities and ‘Working Towards’ Living Well: Lifecourse and Aspiration in Youth Transitions

March 5th          Prof   John Taylor (King's College, London). "China’s Changing Poverty"                                                  

March 12th        Dr   Srijit Mishra (IGIDR, Mumbai, India). "Measuring   Human Development Index: The Old, the New and the Elegant"                             

March 19th       Prof Ray Kiely (Queen Mary University of London). "Rising   South? The BRICs and Global Inequality                                                       

March 26th       Dr Catherine Dolan (University of Oxford). "The Unspoken Link: Sanitary Care and Girl’s Education in Ghana"