News and events

April 2019
Guest Seminar

Andy Prothero, University College Dublin, ‘Death by a Million Cuts’: Gender (In)Equality in the Marketing Academy

February 2019
Guest seminar
Klara Scheurenbrand, Em Lyon, #Fitmom - Mothering and Body Transformation? Understanding the subordination of competing practices

Developing International Links Session
Eddy Fang, XJTLU, Social Media and the Diffusion of Information: A Computational Experiment on the Emergence of Food Scares 

January 2019

Guest Seminar
Steven Miles, Manchester Metropolitan, Consuming in the Experience Society: how consumer capitalism changed the way it seduces and divides

July 2018

Guest Seminar
Maria Carolina Zanette, ESLSCA Business School, The Production of Women

June 2018

Guest Seminar
Jennifer Takhar, Paris Chamber of Commerce, Digital Fertility Marketing and its Discontents

May 2018

Practitioner Engagement Session

Karen Williams (Crescendo Consulting), The best of all Possible Worlds - integrating traditional and digital skills with data and insight to maximise communications effectiveness 

January 2018

Guest Seminar
Linda Nasr, Texas State University, Transforming Service Thinking and Building the Transformative Service Collaborative