Consumption and Experiential Marketing

In the main, this cluster is interested in both the marketing techniques companies utilise to manage consumption experiences in relation to the products, services, brands, events and places they offer. In addition to understanding this experiential marketing mindset, we explore an array of consumer behaviours using theoretical lenses derived from our knowledge and engagement with consumer culture theory, service marketing and other burgeoning fields of inquiry.

The cutting-edge research in this cluster considers the sheer breadth of experiential options that are now possible and asks key questions about how these ‘experiences’ impact on buying behaviour, help drive businesses forward and enhance or diminish the lives of the consumers we study. Different business sectors seek to offer widely varying experiences and the group includes experts covering numerous fields from digital marketing, tourism, B-2-B marketing, marketing to the elderly and health studies. The group combines academic excellence with a practitioner focus and we collaborate with many organisations, sharing both new ideas and best practice.