The Agility Centre

In a world increasingly defined by uncertainty and continuous change, organisations need new strategic thinking and solutions to survive and prosper. Organisational agility has emerged as an answer for organisations facing new circumstances to help them renew and proactively respond to changes.

With over 20 years of inspirational research and knowledge exchange, the agility centre brings together a group of world class academics with expertise in operations, supply chain and technology and data management, as well as modelling and optimisation, who offer world-leading academic research with real impact for society. 

The Agility Centre focuses on developing and applying advanced solutions on how resources and skills can be developed across technology-enhanced social and business networks to improve productivity, responsiveness and resilience.

Our expertise has the power to support organisations, particularly SMEs, in developing and implementing strategies and solutions to prosper in the dynamic global digital and technological transformation

The Agility Centre aspires to:

  • provide leading edge policy- and practice-influencing research in operations, supply chain, technology management and marketing;
  • promote collaborative research with public and private-sector organisations;
  • provide knowledge exchange and advisory/consultancy services;
  • facilitate thought leadership on the current and emerging issues potentially affecting future business performance/competitiveness.

Thematic pillars of research and impact

The Agility Centre focuses on three thematic research and impact pillars

Productivity and performance improvement across networks: answering old problems for the new world

This research area encompasses strategic management of operations, supply chain and logistics in networks. As well as agile based innovative solutions for process improvements, organisational capability development, simulation, modelling and analytics and project/portfolio management. This theme also covers collaborative networks, new business models for innovation in social and business networks,risk management, social and organisational perspectives for measuring and mitigating risks in networks under uncertainty, servitisation and sustainability in social and economic networks.

Technology management: technological solutions for the digital economy

This research area explores gamifications, the utilisation of fame-based thinking methodologies as organisational capability, big data management, enterprise systems, e-business/commerce, knowledge management and information systems/ERP.

Modelling and optimisation solutions, with focus on general and maritime logistics and transportation

The third and final research area looks at addressing complex problems, from strategic to operational, using modelling and simulation technologies. In addition to advanced optimisation solutions for operations, processes and systems and developing world leading research in logistical and transportation industries.