The Marketing group is comprised of 20 academic staff including 3 professors and 2 readers, and a number of PhD students. Our research is published in some of the top journals in our field including recently the Journal of Consumer Research, the Journal of Service Research, Organization Studies and Tourism Management. We serve on the editorial boards of a number of leading journals. For example, Prof Liz Parsons is co-editor-in-chief of Marketing Theory. The group is responsible for the School’s Consumption and Experiential Marketing Research Cluster. We deliver highly successful undergraduate and postgraduate programmes that are connected to our research and help to sustain our considerable and growing capacity and scope.

Services Marketing

Our services marketing research is exemplified by the impactful action research of Prof Pippa Hunter-Jones and Dr Lynn Sudbury-Riley who examine the service needs and experiences of ‘vulnerable consumers’ leading to service improvements.  They have received funding on several occasions for their work with primary health-care providers, hospitals and hospices. Dr Chris Raddats’ research into services marketing and servitisation in manufacturing supply chains creates a strong bridge between services marketing and manufacturing supply chain management, as exemplified by his recent papers in the International Journal of Operations and Production Management.

Digital Business and Digital Marketing

Dr Rachel Ashman and Prof Tony Patterson focus on the interface between digital modes of communication and consumers, investigating, for example, consumers making collaborative decisions through social shopping, the amplification of desire by the Internet and the effect of video bloggers (vloggers). Dr Ming Lim has received substantial funding for work on digital histories and is currently working on digital medicine and digital health markets.

Knowledge Exchange

We often conduct action research, which connects with a strong portfolio of knowledge exchange activities with the private, public and third sectors. We have recently completed a KTP with Hatton’s Model Railways Ltd to develop their digital marketing strategy. We also engage in knowledge exchange supported by direct funding from external collaborators, enabling us to help them rapidly and flexibly solve problems.

  • Seminars


    Seminar Series in Marketing

    2018 - 2019

    Dr Emma Bannister, University of Manchester, Title as yet unspecified

    15 May, 2019


    Prof Andy Prothero, University College Dublin, ‘Death by a Million Cuts’: Gender (In)Equality in the Marketing Academy

    10 April, 2019


    Dr Klara Scheurenbrand, Em Lyon, #Fitmom - Mothering and Body Transformation? Understanding the subordination of competing practices

    13 February, 2019


    Dr Eddy Fang, XJTLU, Social Media and the Diffusion of Information: A Computational Experiment on the Emergence of Food Scares

    23 January, 2019


    Prof Steven Miles, Manchester Metropolitan, Consuming in the Experience Society: how consumer capitalism changed the way it seduces and divides

    24 January, 2019


    Dr Maria Carolina Zanette, ESLSCA Business School, The Production of Women

    10 July, 2018


    Dr Jennifer Takhar, Paris Chamber of Commerce, Digital Fertility Marketing and its Discontents

    13 June, 2018


    Dr Karen Williams (Crescendo Consulting), The best of all Possible Worlds - integrating traditional and digital skills with data and insight to maximise communications effectiveness

    2nd May, 2018


    Dr Linda Nasr, Texas State University, Transforming Service Thinking and Building the Transformative Service Collaborative

    10 Jan, 2018

  • Selected recent publications:


    Raddats, C. O., Zolkiewski, J., Story, V., Burton, J., Baines, T., & Bigdeli, A. (in-press)Interactively developed capabilities: Evidence from dyadic servitization relationships, International Journal of Operations and Production Management. 

    Kozinets, R., Patterson, A., & Ashman, R. (2017) Networks of Desire: How Technology Increases Our Passion to Consume, Journal of Consumer Research, 43(5) 

    Sudbury-Riley, L., & Kohlbacher, F. (2016) Ethically minded consumer behavior: Scale review, development, and validation, Journal of Business Research, 69(8)

    Brannan, M. J., Parsons, E., & Priola, V. (2015) Brands at Work: The Search for Meaning in Mundane Work, Organization Studies, 36(1)

  • Research Impact: