ULMS Extra

In addition to offering first class academic teaching, the Management School wants to ensure that our graduates receive a fully rounded experience enabling them to make a positive impact on their first day at work.

Throughout the academic year we run ULMS Extra, an extra-curricular programme which needs input from businesses to help us to support the next workforce generation.

ULMS Extra enhances student's skills and helps them to learn practical, relevant business information through direct contact with business owners and employers.

Each session lasts about two hours and is held on the campus. We'll work with you to design a session which will help our undergraduates and also provide you with the opportunity to pass on vital inside knowledge and experience, which ultimately will benefit your business, as you get to shape the skillset of the leaders of tomorrow. Previous sessions have ranged from assessment sessions and business games to industry leader lectures and workshops.


Delivering the ULMS Extra session was a great way of connecting with the students, who were inquisitive and attentive. It was also good to introduce them to our organisation and increase awareness of what we do to a wider Management School audience.

Kevin Melia, Director, Studiowide

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