The abstracts of Papers presented at the 2013 Symposium can be found below.


Anderson, Tom. North Sea Construction Workers Sensemaking

Bassetti, Bottazzi, Ferrario. On the power of the impossible

Berntsen, Lisa. Flexible employment, flexible interviewing

Best & Elbasha. Strategising everyday - Using ethnography to

Chapman, Sue. Sensemaking for Sustainability

De Ruijter, Ties. Meaning breaking space

Dechow, Niels. Exploring the Politics and Processes of

Dietrich, Olaf. Disruptive innovations for household

Dzidowski, Adam. The map and the territory

Evans, Joëlle. Moral Frictions

Friedland, Barton. Leadership and the enrolment of computational

Gale & Sultan. Using situated interviewing to explore the growing role

Gastelaars & Verbaas. What do you think you are doing- The impact of

Glimmerveen, Ludo. Shifting, sustaining and resisting boundaries

Hansen & Dorland. Deceit, pride and intellectual vanity

Hesketh, Ian. Organisational Culture- Are the Police looking younger

Hickman, Stephen. Get the Picture- Visualising socio-technical change

Hogendoorn & Broekhans. Moments of disfluency in urban flood defences

Hopfl & Yuk-kwan Ng. From Object to Cosmology- meaning and inference

Hopkinson, Cronin. The wall speaks- analysing power in ethnographic

Horvers & Joosten. Narratives of Organizational Change within the

Jørgensen & Strand. Storytelling and Materiality and in Organizations

Kawatoko, Yasuko. What can lead to new meaning in the life of older

Kirke, Charles. Living the Bureaucratic Dream or is it a Nightmare

Korica, Maja. Studying organizational elites ethnographically

Lake, Rudge, West. Making or breaking meaning of the practices of

Langley, Dawn. Ethnography-managing a betrayal

Lee, Davies, Higgins. Lone no more The Sociable Ethical Consumer

Malin, Sarah. Start-Up Identity by Space

Mapedzahama, Rudge, West. Working within diversity

Marechal, Garance. Intimate Reflections- The absent-presence of

Marshall, Joe. The Meaning of Systems Thinking and the Management of

Mascarenhas, André Ofenhejm. Theoretical and Methodological Principles

McCabe & Hamilton. Inside the Chicken Factory

Merkus & De Heer. Faster & Better - A performative Intervention

Meschitti, Viviana. Team building in an academic research group

Mukhtarov & de Jong. Studying cross-country movement

Mutsaers, Paul. Ethnic boundaries in policing

Navazhylava, Kseniya. Transparency in organizations- sensebreaking

Nocker, Rowe, Pearson. Letting go is hard to do

O Flanagan, Sinead. Learning to Lead, an ethnographic exploration

Passenier, David. The solution to aviation safety

Rappert, Brian. Finding the Meaning in the Missing

Richards, Jessica. It’s The Journey Not The Destination That Counts

Rybnikova, Irma. Resistance and purity rituals in organizations

Smissaert, Chris Unfinalizability at the Workplace of Care and Justice

Stenger, Sébastien. Domination and resistance in an audit firm

Strudwick, Mackay, Hicks. Discussion and Story-telling in Diagnostic

Sundaram, Usha. Streetscape as an assemblage of experiential

Tchelebi, Nadine Riad. Visual and Creative Methods in Support

Trester, Marsters, Price. Talk Like a Leader

Marja-Liisa Trux abstract 2013

Van den Ende & van Marrewijk. Transition rituals in construction

Van der Raad, Sylvia. Getting in and getting out

van Marrewijk, Alfons. Cultural revitalization in a post-acquisition

Verduijn, Essers, Bensliman, Family Dynamics and Entrepreneurial

Vermeulen, Jeroen. Being Puzzled

Verver & Koning. Entrepreneurial Trajectories and Family Business

von Koskull, Catharina. What about the emotional part of the service

Waardenburg, Maikel. Strategic Volunteering

Wagner, Ines. EU labour mobility and the circumvention of rules

Wegener, Charlotte. Why am I here

Weir, David. Folk, Place, Rebellion and Booze

Werner, Mirjam. Whats the Story Frames and Narratives Meaning Making

Willems & Ybema. Stories in Silence

Winkler, Ingo. Being Me Whilst Learning Danish

Wolbers, Groenewegen, Boersma. The intertwined nature of coordination

Xhetani, Elton. Identity and spatial change in schools