Tom Jervis

BA International Business, 2015

I am currently on the Santander Corporate & Commercial Banking graduate scheme. The 2-year scheme is split into 4 rotations across key areas within the corporate bank. These comprise of commercial banking, risk and corporate banking.

What does your role involve and what is a typical work day like?

I am currently working as a Graduate Relationship Manager. This is a front office role which means I have day-to-day contact with customers and prospects within the SME space. My role requires me to build relationships with customers, understand their needs and requirements, search for an equitable result and delivery of said result to the satisfaction of both the customer and the bank. Further role rotations on the graduate scheme will see me undertake roles within non-standardised credit and corporate structured finance.

How did your course prepare you for your role?

First and foremost my course developed me as an individual, both academically and personally. I was challenged on a number of occasions but conversely I was rewarded tenfold by the experiences and knowledge I left my studies with. My course gave me an understanding of the business and economic environment through a number of varied modules. Whilst academia and the professional arena are vastly different, my course helped me develop key skills such as time management, presentation skills, report writing and many more.

Did you participate in any extra-curricular activities whilst studying, if so what?

I represented both my course and the Management School as a student ambassador on open days in my final year. This allowed me to communicate with prospective students and share my experiences with those looking to study at the university. It was fantastic to give something back to the school after all the help and support I received during my studies.

Did you undertake a placement?

I undertook a summer internship in 2014 with Santander Corporate & Commercial Banking which I organised myself.

Did you work part-time as a student?

During my time as a student I worked for Cool-It Events who operate events across Liverpool, primarily targeting students. My time at Cool-It was spent working with other staff from all three Liverpool universities and allowed me to further develop some of those interpersonal skills which are important in the professional world. I’d recommend any outgoing, confident individual to apply for a role with Cool-It as I thoroughly enjoyed my time there.

What did you enjoy most about your student experience?

The most enjoyable part of my student experience was exactly that, the experience. I look back at my 3 years spent at the university with many fond memories. I built lifelong friendships, challenged myself like never before, grew as an individual and undertook modules across the entire business/economic spectrum. Additionally, the support of Management School staff was always forthcoming and I seek to become an active member of their alumni committee with an aim of returning all of the help and support they gave to me. 

What are your career goals for the future?

Currently my focus is on developing my technical skills within the banking sector whilst leveraging and building relationships both internally and externally. Ultimately I enjoy leading and interacting with a team, which is why I see myself as a people manager in the next 5 years. Following this I wish to rise to a senior position within banking and potentially move into consultancy in my later career.